Jan 31, 2007

eight beers in

Oh well. Thats that then. I'm not gonna place any blame on Rocha. Arsenal always looked the more likely to make it two-one (did we even touch the ball in extra-time?). And the no-show of Lennon on the bench (not on the bench because of illness, and then 'on' the bench in Spurs minds, but not officially on the team sheet according to the assistant ref.....or maybe he was on the bench and he fell ill and we couldn't replace him time.......confusing).

No 'getting the game by the scruff of the neck' ethics to be seen from the Tottenham players. Mido and Huddlestone should have started. That would have sent the right message for what needed to be done.

All goes back to the home game. Two-nil and we......well, I'm sure you've heard the song.

Regardless of all of Tottenham's negatives, you can't really take it away from the scum. They deserved it on the nights performance.

Let's be honest. We don't have any world class players in our ranks. We dont have any true class either. Maybe, apart from Berbatov and Lennon (when on fire). Both were missing and the result was no width and pretty much no clever play up front. No King at the back is also damaging to our structure. These are not excuse for tonight, I'm talking generally. We don't have any true depth.

How long left till the end of the transfer window?

UEFA Cup it is then.

~Spooky (drunk and down)

two beers in

If they flop tonight they should all be fined a months wages. these are the type of games where they have to show us 1000% commitment. If we lose because Arsenal are simply the better team, then thats life. if we lose because of the wrong attitude or commitment or lack of passion or whatever.....thats near enough a disgrace.

My issue is that even though Lennon has been average against Arsenal overall in the two games, you'd think our most 'creative' player would get fired up for it and would be the point of our attacking movements.

I just think its negative. But before I drown in my own contradictions and hypocrisy, I have one last thing to say:


Right, another beer....mates are round. See you all on the other side.


EDIT (from the bbc):

1926: Reports reach us that Aaron Lennon is not starting for Tottenham as he has been suffering with illness - so Martin Jol must be sure he is making a rapid recovery to name him among his substitutes.

LOL. I'm a typical Spurs fan with the over-reactions. I'll go sit in front of the tv now.

I don't know what to think now....

All Lennon has done for us against Arsenal is lose the ball and then 'skip' away in disappointment.

Even though i blogged the opinion that dropping him isn't a shock, having just finished a cold one, leaving him out does seem a little insane considering he is probably the one player who can give us another dimension (the only dimension) in being able to run them ragged.

Gardner preferred to Rocha is also staggering. I should shut up now. I'm obviously not a football manager. Just a fan. A very fickle and soon to be drunk fan. So I don't have the right to know anything.


Team for tonight

Team for tonight:


On the bench: Cerny, Mido, Huddlestone, Lennon, Rocha.

Not surprised to see Lennon dropped, even though you would think he would be a key player, he hasn't been too hot against Arsenal in both games this season. Well, for a game and a half at least. Yes, he is our most creative player and yes he was superb over the weekend (against Southend...). On the one hand this is very negative from Jol, and on the other, the voice in my head screams 'He knows what he's doing'.

At the moment, I don't know what to think. Just can't figure it out. And I've been distracted by the puke-enhancing A-Team theme music Sky Sports are playing for the Arsenal team. See what they did there? They took the 'A' from Arsenal and the......anyways. I need a beer.



We've got a lot of good players here, and a lot of players who are hungry to win something - we'll be going there all guns blazing ~ Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas

I'm quoting you on these Jenas. I'll find out where you live and shake my fist at you with much anger if you fail to turn up for tonights game.

Arsenal, for the record are also gonna come out 'all guns blazing'. There could be blood. There will be tears.


Jan 30, 2007

Head v Heart

As much as I would like to think we aint gonna get dicked tomorrow night, I can't see where a winning goal will come from. We would have to put in some performance to get to through to Cardiff. Arsenal are always good for a goal or two, which means we would need to match them. 0-0 or 1-1 wouldn't be enough (away goals count after extra-time). Can we really go there and win? I'm not half as nervous as I should be, probably because my head is telling my heart; No chance.

But you know what, football shouldn't be about marginalising your feelings. It shouldn't be about accepting defeat before the ball is even kicked. Yes, the odds are against us. Yes, everything points to them being mentality stronger (see the first leg for evidence). And yes, I did start this blog with the belief that we're gonna get dicked but fuck it. You just have to believe. And if the players don't turn up and we lose 3-0......shame on them. If they turn up and play and take the lead........well, that's when we find out if the mental block will be our curse. Redemption is their key.

The point is, it's far more fun to think you're in with a chance. The beers will make sure of that.


Almost the end of the transfer window....

Giles Barnes (Derby) and Parrett (QPR wonderkid) are apparently on their way to the Lane, according to the never-ever-wrong In The Know's. I'll have both of them (well Barnes at the very least). Don't know too much about Parrett other than he is meant to be very good. Again, two players for the future, and tbh, I'm liking this from Spurs. Nothing wrong with picking up the best young talent in the country to add to the Huddlestones and Lennons we already have. If we somehow manage to get Gareth Bale, that would be sweet. Though, I'm inclined to believe he will remain at Southampton and make the move to Man Utd in the summer. Shame really, he would be perfect for us.

It's been pretty quiet this January. For most. Spurs have a habit of signing someone in the very last moments of the windows, so you never know...maybe we are keeping someone back until after tomorrows second leg at the Emirates. You know, to help cheer us up.....


Jan 29, 2007


DAN: thank you for adding me to your MSN list

SPOOKSTER23: you’re a bird, right?

DAN: what?

SPOOKSTER23: show me your webcam

DAN: why?

SPOOKSTER23: listen honey, if you want some cyber-loving you’re gonna have to show me your goods

DAN: i think you’ve misunderstood my intentions. my name is Daniel and not Danielle

SPOOKSTER23: dude, i don’t do wood-on-wood action or any of that dick-tapping-monitor shit. try Mike-T69 if that’s your bag

DAN: no that’s not why i’ve logged on. At least not tonight

SPOOKSTER23: unless you’re about to send me pics of your legally aged sister in her panties, I’m gonna block you

DAN: Spooky, this is Daniel.

SPOOKSTER23: yeah, I got that the first time you said it, hence the soon to be block

DAN: Daniel Levy

SPOOKSTER23: you what?

DAN: Daniel Levy. The Daniel Levy

SPOOKSTER23: LOL!!!1111 yeah, whatever dude

DAN: I know, I know, you are probably a little shocked that you are chatting online with me. I have to admit, it’s quite surreal finally ‘talking’ to you

SPOOKSTER23: Levy? HA! Yeah right. Another disgruntled glory-glory.net admin more like. Listen, I promised I would stop posting threads in your forums about mobile phones. I’ve stuck to my promise so stop hassling me. FFS, have you never used a Sony Ericsson? Its bloody difficult with the options and buttons and stuff. I get easily confused

DAN: Its Levy, Spooky

SPOOKSTER23: no chance. Whoever you are, I’ll find out your IP address and DOS attack you. Don’t think I wont do it.

DAN: check my MSN profile

DAN: you checked it? I managed to find your MSN chat name from one of the forums you use

SPOOKSTER23: your profile says Supreme Commander and Chief of Tottenham Hotspur and Athletic Co

DAN: Yes it does

SPOOKSTER23: it must be you.

SPOOKSTER23: Hold up, how do I know this isn’t a wind-up? How do I know this isn’t a trick?

DAN: Supreme Commander. Says so in my profile.

SPOOKSTER23: Still cant be 100% sure

DAN: then let me prove it

SPOOKSTER23: ok, last Christmas, what did you get from me? I sent you a present

DAN: Easy. You sent me a replica of the Devils Tower made out of bagels and a note proclaiming to beware of a close encounter

SPOOKSTER23: correct. I sadly couldn’t follow up that threat. Apparently standing outside your mansion with a cricket bat is deemed anti-social behaviour. This country has turned into a liberal joke

DAN: so you believe me then?

SPOOKSTER23: if you are him, whats with the online chatting? You’ve never answered any of my letters. Not a single one. In all these years. All the protests I’ve made, you just communicate through your lawyers and the police. And as for my letters…..all I get is one of those stupid complimentary slips with a picture of you playing golf and ‘Up the Spurs!’ written across it

DAN: yes, and I apologise for not being able to personally answer your correspondence. I’m a busy man. And legally, its not something I would be advised to do considering our history

SPOOKSTER23: so why are you talking to me now?

DAN: because it’s time to settle this once and for all. And with the aid of the information super-highway it’s a little less complicated than having to converse via the Royal Mail and letters

SPOOKSTER23: you send me a letter? More chance of spurs keeping a clean sheet

DAN: how very droll

SPOOKSTER23: so what do you want? Are you about to offer me the exclusive story that you are set to resign or sell the club back to its rightful owner, Alan Sugar?

DAN: theres more chance of spurs keeping a clean sheet

SPOOKSTER23: get your own jokes you plagiaristic sonofabitch

DAN: now, now. No crude language please. This isn’t the South Lower

SPOOKSTER23: ok. You know what. say what you wanna say. Cause if you are who you say you are, I’ve got quite a bit to say back. Saves me buying a first class stamp

DAN: thank you Spooky. I should probably start by saying……Dear Mr Spooky…

SPOOKSTER23: if I could slap you in the head using control alt delete I would

DAN: Allow me to first thank you for the effigy of my good self that you sent by recorded delivery after the Arsenal first leg semi-final

SPOOKSTER23: my pleasure

DAN: I understand you were unable to hand deliver it to White Hart Lane’s main reception due to the court order that bans you from going anywhere near the West Stand

SPOOKSTER23: I cant even go to my local corner shop anymore on the grounds that the owner doesn’t agree with me defecating on newspapers that print your image. No freedom of expression left in this once great country

DAN: Spooky, you have to understand we don’t allow paupers to venture to this part of the stadium. And after the incident where you chained yourself naked to one of the turnstiles chanting Levy has stripped us of our dignity, you understand that its important that such an incident does not reoccur.

SPOOKSTER23: typical rich living-in-the-sky chairman, doesn’t want to hear from the people down below in the dirt

DAN: if you wish to partake in such activities in the Park Lane its of no concern to me. As for the effigy, it’s one of the more interesting gifts I have received in recent times.

SPOOKSTER23: cheers. I’m glad you liked it.

DAN: I particularly like how you attached a secondary effigy of a cockerel, which my effigy appeared to be straddling in a position you kids like to call ‘doggy’. I don’t quite understand what you are attempting to state with this, but rest assured that the gift is currently presiding on the desk of the investigating CID officer.

SPOOKSTER23: is there a point to all your yabbering?

DAN: Yes of course. Are you sitting comfortably?

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SPOOKSTER23: you know what, screw you.

DAN: no please, I apologise. It’s so easy to be obnoxious when using one of these computers. I shouldn’t be forgetting my private school education. I want to talk to you about your last letter.

SPOOKSTER23: which one?

DAN: the one where you said that I was slowly but surely destroying the very fabric of this club.

SPOOKSTER23: oh yeah, that one

DAN: you likened me to Moriarty to your Sherlock Holmes and that we were heading towards the Reichenbach Falls

SPOOKSTER23: Easier to meet at Bruce Grove. You never showed

DAN: I had other commitments, washing my hair

SPOOKSTER23: you’re so full of shit.

DAN: come now

SPOOKSTER23: no, you are. You want to talk to me about my last letter? listen up you bald MOFO, you haven’t given a shit about my opinion and my rage against your machine from day one. Where were you when I chucked a burning season ticket at your wife? Where were you when I dressed up as Chirpy and attempted to slide tackle you, and missed and ended up breaking Donald Duck’s leg? I’m frigging banned from Disneyworld because of that.

DAN: so much anger. Anybody would think we weren’t in the semi-final of the Carling Cup, the 5th round of the FA Cup, in touch with Europe in the Prem and progressing nicely in the UEFA Cup.

SPOOKSTER23: you must be drunk on the champagne you bought from selling Carrick to Utd

DAN: that money went on an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and purpose-built gym I’ll have you know. I oppose the fact you keep referring to my drinking habits

SPOOKSTER23: who the hell do you think you are?

DANKINGOFTHELANE: I’m the man responsible for you wearing that electronic tag

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DANKINGOFTHELANE: the police found them in your basement

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DANKINGOFTHELANE: you live twenty miles away from me

SPOOKSTER23: I like to keep fit.

DAN: admit defeat. You’ll never burn your season ticket

SPOOKSTER23: that’s only because you’ve made them fire resistant . I’ve just seen that interview you gave Sky Sports News today. You said that its unlikely we will be busy in the transfer market between now and the end of the window

DAN: so?

SPOOKSTER23: you said you were happy with signing just Alnwick and Taarabt ffs.


SPOOKSTER23: I could never trust the man who sold away our dreams and hopes. Andy Reid was not fat! He’s just small and stocky

DAN: theres a reason why I don’t have you banned from the Park Lane end

SPOOKSTER23: really? Why is that?

DAN: Because I know, at every home game, you’ll forever be looking up at me


DAN: yeah whatever dude, while you walk up Tottenham High Rd eating your bag of chips having sat on a smelly train to Seven Sisters station, I’m working on my strategic masterplan for the clubs future. Have you ever tried writing down notes in a pad with a glass of port in one hand while trying to entertain two leggy blonde twenty-year old girls? There’s not as much room as you think they’d be in the back of a chauffer driven Bentley

DAN: and yet, with all these obstacles thrown in front of me, I’m still able to run this club with ease. Save your ink. Sit back, and enjoy Spooks. I run tings, tings don’t run me.

SPOOKSTER23: sit back and enjoy what? you killing the club, season by season? you let Anersen join Chelsea, you refuse to ban the ‘England’s number one’ chant from the ground, why is Mido still at the club? What the hell is a Rocha? Huddlestone needs to go on a diet. You didn’t sell King for £25M when you had the chance and now we’re left with a crocked player. Jol is naïve with his tactics. Our away record is a joke..

SPOOKSTER23: you still online?

DAN: Hey

SPOOKSTER23: what?

DAN: smell you later


SPOOKSTER23: this means war

Its Fulham in the Cup!

Away at Craven Cottage for the 5th Round of the FA Cup. Looking at the rest of the draw, nothing that exiting in the way of potential giant-killings or must-watch games. All a bit bland really. Hopefully we won't choke and get knocked out. No disrespect meant to Fulham. It's about time we actually beat them on their own turf.

I fancy us for the quarters. Oh.....my knees are going trembley.


Jan 28, 2007

Berbs in Germany

Berbatov is currently in Germany seeking the magical healing powers of specialist Hans Muller-Wolfhart to help with his groin injury.

Tragically, he is out of Wednesday's second leg. I think the moment he got injured was the moment we 'lost' the semi-final. As much as Robbie Keane huffs and puffs around the pitch, I don't have any great hope of us achieving anything close to a victory without The Berb.

Yeah, how negative am I? Well actually I'm being quite level-headed about it. They haven't lost at AG and with them having to go away to Bolton in the FA Cup (replay) they will make damn sure they win on Wednesday to get through to the final. Which means anything thats not 1000% better than our 3-0 defeat at the Emirates in the Prem won't be good enough.

Fucking 'ell, I aint looking forward to this one.


spare a thought for the not so 'appy 'ammers...

Post-Watford FA Cup defeat blues for our resident West Ham nut, Chazza:

Despite spending a large amount of money and appointing a new manager we seem to have gone backwards rather than forwards.

Boa Morte look utterly disinterested, Neil went off injured (rumour going round he dropped his wallet on his foot) and will no doubt do a Bowyer (ie. sit on the treatment table till we're relegated whilst happily collecting his wages) while we've left one of the best keepers in the country on the bench for some gambling addicted Irish pikey drunk.

Watford are utterly hopeless. God knows what that makes us and what does our hero, our messiah, managerial great Alan Curbishley have to say to rally the troops... some shit about last season again that he himself said he hated people bringing up yet does it at every opportunity, trying to deflect criticism from how uninspiring he is along with his tactics.

Every single player back at corners against Watford at home. Mark Noble, a young guy who'd bleed claret and blue not even on the bench. Sheringham still anywhere near the team. A number of players being bombed out because of what appear to be personal issues (Konchesky, Mears, Noble, Mascherano) while others are starting despite being utterly fucking shit (Shaun Newton FFS! Most clubs would bomb a player out if they failed a drug test. EVERY club would bomb a player out if they failed a drug test and weren't actually any good. Not West Ham) A midfield player who was one of the stars of the World Cup and wanted by two huge clubs in Liverpool and Juventus... I could go on... ~ Chazza Muffin

WHU v Watford Thread

Staying Up?

You'd think something will click for them soon in a positive way, but it seems that no matter what team Curbs fields, they respond with very little. Tuesday night Liverpool visit Upton Park. The Man Utd win way back should have kick-started West Ham's climb up the table. Should have. Its going to be interesting to see how the players perform against the Reds. I guess its a good opportunity for some of the WHU players to impress to guarantee that transfer away when/if they go down.


Spurs 3 Southend 1

"Who's that Pikey in my seat", rang the chant, with fingers pointing at the Southend fans who sat in the Park Lane where the Spurs season ticket holders usually sit. I still don't quite understand why the club is using that section of the South Stand for away fans when they could quite easily give them the standard corner and maybe an extra block (along with the lower west stand bit). Anyways, comfortable win, Lennon looked good......but then the opposition wasn't exactly up to the standard of the Arsenal reserve team.

Heres looking forward to the 5th round, and probably another not very sexy tie against lower opposition at home.


Davids gone, Rocha in, and maybe Bale.....

So, Davids is off to Ajax. No big shock considering he hardly gets a game. World class in his prime, way off it at Spurs, but played his part in last seasons surge to *cough* 5th *cough*. Probably had the desired effect off the pitch, in training which makes me wonder why he wasn't offered a coaching role. Then again, he could easily play on for a few years, so going back to Holland is probably the far more attractive option. Not that a coaching role was ever a real option other than in the heads of a few Spurs fans.

I don't know nowt about Rocha, except he is meant to be pretty decent and we needed a center-back with Ledley acting the sicknote at the moment. Experienced, so probably far better than the departed Davenport or the please-depart-soon Gardner. Not a glory glory type of signing, just one that's much needed to shore up the defence especially with so many games at the moment.

As for Bale. £10M? United claim we are in the front-running for his signature, but reading between the lines (Fergie's is the one rumourwhoring) it's obvious that Utd want him and will probably get him. Bale will stay at Soton for another year or so and then get drafted into Utd's team. On the other hand, he could probably walk into the Spurs line-up at the moment, due to the fact that even at 17, he is better than what we have at left-back. And £10M isn't a lot when you consider how much we have spunked for that position over the last few years on highly dubious 'quality'.


Spurs 2 Gypos 2

"....if we play with pace and tempo like we've done in the past against the 'big clubs' at the Lane, we need to take every single chance we create. Otherwise, we can kiss it goodbye. Time to be relentless" ~ Spooky, in a previous blog

Yep. Kiss it indeed. Once more we give 45 minutes of exactly what's needed, followed by the anti-performance that makes the previous forty-five redundant. Not much to say except, wonderful first half display (if only.....if if if if only Berbs had not got injured, I fancied us for a 3rd with him on the pitch) and a craptacular second half display in that if you sit back and allow ANY Arsenal team to attack, then you have no chance of keeping a clean sheet (regardless how fucking inept Paul Robinson is at the moment).

Firstly, Arsenal fans. Try for some consistency with your gloating. Most of them have been saying how much of a disgrace Spurs were not to have beaten the Arsenal Yoof/Reserves. "You can't even beat our kids" they gloat. On the one hand, they claim to have the best players about, so surely if thats the case, drawing/losing to them isn't the shock it's meant to be? Is it? Even their 'second string side' has wonderful depth of quality players (and two world class players.......two more than what we have).

If they are as good as the Arsenal fans claim them to be, then why the big shock at claiming a draw at WHL, or for that matter getting there in the first place? Bit of a fallacy that allows the gooners to have their fun at our expense. Though, hand on heart, did anyone really think Spurs would hold their own..........against our worst enemy.............thats us by the way, not them?

It wasn't The Beast that brought us down to earth, it was Tottenham Hotspur. The textbook knee-jerk that the players seem to get when they find themselves in a strong position.

Consolidate your lead, Spurs. But that seems to be a mission impossible when it matters most. Much like the second leg at the Emirates will be.

The Spurs team are pretty inexperienced (in certain positions) but that's no real excuse. The Arsenal side fielded at the Lane could hold their own against most of the Prem....and if we're meant to be shit, whats the big deal? Hey, in your face Arsenal......you couldn't even beat Spurs with your second eleven.

This blog entry is losing it's structure now, much like we did last Wednesday. Disappointing that the players didn't up the temp further in the second half and finish them off. It seems that Spurs CAN get themselves going for the big big games (well, this time round at least) but definitely can not last the whole 90. How many times do I need to talk about 'mentality' and 'self-belief'. Once more, over to you Mr Jol.


Finally back online....

My exodus is over. Monitor died on Tuesday. I've had to wait until today to venture down to Tottenham Court Rd and do some shopping. Business as usual soon...


Jan 22, 2007

King's Out

All Hail Anthony Gardner!

No Ledley on Wednesday, which is a huge huge blow. Found out today that for the second leg, to get a ticket, you need 188 loyalty points. I've fallen short at 175. Gutted. Will have to wait and see if one happens to drop into my lap by pure luck. Was looking forward to returning to the Emirates. We owe them a performance. Our players owe us a performance. It's not a North London Derby if one of the teams fails to turn up. Have to make do with Sky Sports probably for that one.

As for Wednesday, ticket has arrived. Not going to be easy, regardless of the team they put out. One thing our boys need to do is.........if we play with pace and tempo like we've done in the past against the 'big clubs' at the Lane, we need to take every single chance we create. Otherwise, we can kiss it goodbye. Time to be relentless. Couldn't ask for a more difficult challenge IMO.


Jan 21, 2007

Grand Slam in the face

So, Arsenal do what they do best and win their game against Utd in the dying seconds. You-know-who scores the winner. It's the same olde script. You'd think there be an alternative ending at some point. At least that's what I wish for. Credit to them. But boy, do they make me sick.

Liverpool beating Chelsea was less of a shock having watched the game. I have no idea why I thought a team without Terry, Carvalho and Makelele would stand a chance at Anfield. Egg on face for me. The Blues were woeful. Probably one of their worst and most ineffective performances under Jose. They looked ordinary. More of the same please.

As for Hatton. He won. As for Ben Thatcher. He shook the hands of Pedro Mendes before kick-off. And Charlton shook the foundations of Fratton Park by taking all three points.

Not a bad weekend. Now forwards we look, and to Wednesday. I'm already bricking it.


Jenas and his Bentley

The lad smashed into the back of a van. Seems his co-ordination on the field is the same off it.


Jan 20, 2007

Bring back Pleat

We have the players that can produce the goods, yet they rarely do away from home. But then again, when you look like you start out to play for a draw and you get a draw (against 10 men) the only person you can really look to for answers is the manager.

I don't quite grasp the concept of tactics on our travels. And lack of passion/self-belief/desire/whatever other footballing ingredient needed to make the fans proud. Today's game was awful, and apart from Robinson (who was actually pretty good for once) and maybe one or two other players, the rest look pretty much dis-interested.

With both Pompey and Bolton losing today, the one point is even more worthless than it looks. No, this isn't a knee-jerk, it's just a reaction to the frustrating facts. One away win in the Premiership. Again, difficult to understand why such a gulf in difference (relating to mentality) compared to last season.

Dare I say.......Carrick? We're we so reliant on him last year? Can one player really have such a negative impact on the teams flow and structure? Maybe. Probably. But the fact of the matter is, Carrick is the past. He wanted to move on and that's exactly what happened. We just move on and not look for the reasons in the past, but the present.

This shit is unacceptable.

It's probably not the best time for me to review this game in any true depth. Just in case I fill the blog with knee-jerks. One thing though. With Davenport gone, and lack of cover at the back (Gardner's 'clearance' lead to the shoot that hit Dawson's arm..........yeah, Anthony is set to be the 'Scapegoat of the Week for the Lilywhite faithful.....when isn't he?) we need to bring in cover for the CB position and also possibly another one or two signings with at least 2 or 3 players going off in the opposite direction.

However, bringing in new blood won't change the fact that we.........fuck it...

[kneejerk]Tactically, we get it wrong every single time away from home therefore, Martin Jol has to take a long hard look at how he motivates the players and what he looks to do tactically. We - as fans - can't keep on blaming the players. Getting it wrong 2 or 3 times is fine, its a learning-curve or sorts. Getting it wrong all the way into January.......thats unacceptable. Jol has to start giving himself a dirty look now and again to scare him into trying something different. [/kneejerk]

So, what do we do? Well, nothing. We let him get on with it. The last thing Spurs need is another transitional period under new management. I'm not suggesting for a second that this is even crossing anyone's mind (well, apart from the loonies). We just need to accept that there is still plenty to iron out and plenty of work to do and if this means a dip from 5th to 8th - then so be it. It's not like we have ever set the Premiership on fire. And if you look around, at clubs who have always been in and around the top 4 or 5, they too are still nowhere near getting into the top 2. It's not a simplistic as we would like to hope. And last seasons dramatic finish at 5th probably elevated our hopes a tad too high. And being a tad excitable, you can see why disappointing performances will hurt more than they should do.

If nothing has changed or progressed two seasons or so from now, then Levy will have to re-think his masterplan. Personally, I don't think we have anything to worry about. We are in safe hands.


Jan 19, 2007

Grand Slam Weekend

Liverpool v Chelsea

This should be a cracker. Nah, just ribbing you. Have to say it's a difficult one to predict as Liverpool - strong as they are at home (except when playing Arsenal) are still not a team you can fully back to beat a Chelsea side who are allegedly going through a 'crisis'. And oh, what a crisis!! Second in the Premiership. That makes for depressing reading for the team from Fulham. A draw is a good as Liverpool can hope for I think. Chelsea, not the force they were last season but still strong enough, will not allow themselves to lose at Anfield. If...'if' they did, then they will have to hope that Arsenal defeat Utd on Sunday, otherwise Manchester United fans will reclaim their throne as the most irritating fans in the country.

Ricky Hatton v Juan Urango

Hatton's fighting for the IBF welterweight in Vegas against an unbeaten Colombian. Hatton will therefore be focused, determined and hoping to sniff out any potential upset by knocking out Urango early on. I'll Sky+ this one.

Arsenal v Man U

This should....I hope....but a monster of a game. Arsenal are playing catch-up and continue their confident attack towards the top two places. They haven't lost at the Emirates yet. If there's one team that can go there and win, it's Utd. I'm sounding like Lawro here. I've got fingers crossed that Man Utd stick it up their c*nts.

Pompey v Thatcher

Odds on Ben getting sent-off or getting a taste of his own medicine? Don't let us down Pedro.


Feyenoord kicked out of UEFA Cup

Decision from UEFA.com

We now await to see if we get a bye or play another team from their group who will be lucky enough to be 'promoted' from the group stages into the next round. Or maybe a Champs League loser gets to take their place. Bit of a mess to be honest.

Maybe Levy can sue UEFA for lose of gate receipts. I'm kidding. No seriously, Daniel, that was a joke.


Something for the weekend, Sir?

Spotted in a Vidal Sassoon in Whiteleys Of Bayswater shopping centre getting a haircut.....Alexander Helb.

Only made interesting by the fact he was having it cut in the 'schooling' part of Vidal Sassoon where 'students of hairdressing' learn their trade.....and cut the persons hair for free.

Maybe he forgot his wallet at home.


Jan 18, 2007

score draw

The Football League today accepted our position on the issue of away ticketing allocations and ruled that there should be parity in percentage of allocation. They therefore asked Arsenal FC to find a way to increase the allocation at the Emirates stadium to match that which we were able to provide at White Hart Lane - namely 12.2%.

Arsenal FC have since responded that they are unable to do so and we find their unwillingness to accommodate this percentage of away fans disappointing. The Football League, in light of Arsenal's inability to comply with this, has therefore provided for the away allocation of tickets for supporters at both White Hart Lane and the Emirates to be equal, based upon Arsenal's provision of 5,173 away tickets. This means that we shall only be providing Arsenal with 3,000.

The Football League has stressed that their decision has been made in the exceptional circumstances of this being Arsenal's first season at the Emirates stadium and should not be used as a precedent in future seasons.

from tottenhamhotspur.com

The cheek of them still wanting a higher percentage at the Lane. Staggering arrogance.


semi-final tickets (again)

From Football365:

"I can't go without a mention to Spurs, dear dear Spurs, apparently you have only allocated us Gooners 3,000 seats for the milk cup semi, and not the agreed 15% as per league rules. Apparently this is due to safety reasons?? This is easily solved, don't play Jenas and there is less likelihood of him injuring anyone behind the gaols with his 30 yards howitzers.

Rob (Narf London Gooner now in Dublin) Smith

Rob, try removing your head out of your arse so that in future you dont mis-read the facts. Let me guess....you didn't see the facts? Like manager, like fan.

Thankfully some intelligence to counter the LOLZ attack from Rob:

Phil Cornwall:

Another, more long-standing and plainly worthwhile rule is in the news, that granting the away side higher percentages of the tickets for cup ties.

Arsenal, it seems, have built a stadium incapable of holding a major cup tie. They are unable to give Spurs the 15 per cent entitlement for the Carling Cup semi-final, for reasons of segregation.

The solution is fairly simple. Give Spurs their 15 per cent then close whichever adjacent sections the police advise for the night to maintain safe segregation. Arsenal should not be rewarded for the lack of foresight in building their new ground with an unfair advantage and need a financial penalty from lost ticket sales to make them see the error of their ways. Otherwise others will follow suit.

I'm sure with the F.A. and Dein's 'relationship', 15% won't see the light of day.


Davenport to the 'ammers

Good luck to the lad. He done well for them when he was out on loan and from all accounts was quite popular with the West Ham faithful.

Of course, this leaves us with just King, Dawson and Gardner. Along with a couple of lesser experienced youngsters (our French U-21 international captain is out injured) so we need cover. We need a new signing. So, I would hope that Davenports depature means someone new is about to come in.

Leaving us short at the back with King's struggle against injury is a tad insane considering the games we need to be winning in the coming weeks. It's been a slow transfer window regarding big name signings. All we've done is buy kids for the future.

Let's see how today pans out.


Game of percentages

Let me get the gloating out of the way first (Bill Simmons take note).

Newcastle 1 Birmingham 5.

Not exactly Spurs is it Bill? If that was us losing we'd go 3-0 up and lose 4-3 in injury time. Certain victory ripped from our hearts when it looks impossible to lose. As opposed to being abjectly shit from the start and never looking like getting through to the next round. Although, a Championship team beating a Premiership team at their gaff makes me a little ashamed that we lost to the Toon 3-2 at home. Though by proxy, we best Chelsea, so that makes Newcastle the bestest. Which means that Birmingham are Barcelona. Football logic wins again.

Maybe Newcastle struggled due to lack of atmosphere at St James Park. Empty seats at the Toon. Have the coal mines re-opened?

As for us, comfortable win at home to Cardiff. I think the highlight of the evening was watching the police set up their 3 wall barrier on either side of the away-end entrance, inclosing in the rather pleasent chaps from Cardiff. Riot police, dogs and horses. And not a single punch thrown. Love the fact that the OB forced them to pick up their tickets at a service station so they can bundle them onto the coaches to London. Good work fellas.

Still on the subject of Cup games. Spurs v Arsenal semi-final. 15% agreed for ticket allocation, only for Arsenal to change their minds with what we should get at their ground, but wanting to still get the 15% at our place. Ok. Sure. That'll work. What's the problem anyway with giving us 9,000 for the Emriates ? It's not like it's going to kick off. We can't even smash up the toilets on account of the 18 police officers patrolling the urinals. Arsenal have twice the capacity we have, and in this day and age of high-tech police enforcement, the only reason for David Dein not agreeing to us getting the 15% is because he's a bit of a cunt.


Jan 14, 2007

Tottingham 2 Cartoons 3

Gut-wrenching home defeat. Placing aside the fact we lost to a depleted and average Newcastle team and kissed goodbye to a 5th position (gave up on 4th place after the first 3 games), I just can't believe we managed to lose all three points in such a classic textbook Tottenham manner. Even snatching a point at the end (Defoe hitting the woodwork instead) would still have been pretty unacceptable. No disrespect to Newcastle, but only Man Utd have a license to claim max points at The Lane. With our away form being pants, home games are where we are meant to strut our stuff.

We did strut. For the opening 10 minutes. And at 1-0 I thought the floodgates were about to open. They didn't due to another soft goal conceded by Paul 'HE MUST BE DROPPED TO THE BENCH' Robinson. I wonder if I will live to see a Spurs side control and hold onto the ball straight after going 1-0 up? Clean sheets is something of a rarity these days.

Anyway, we had enough chances to bury Newcastle and we didn't. They were more clinical with their chances and we were rather average in defence. Recipe for disaster. The 'we must be more relentless and ruthless' mentality I cry for is persistently falling on death ears. Not that I get the chance to personally tell the players, but I'm sure if I can see it Martin Jol can see it too.

I don't want to be too much of a knee-jerk, because we didn't deserve to lose and tbh, I can't really single out anyone (Robbo/Tainio) for playing that badly/average. One of those days, perhaps? I suppose it was but its more of a 'one of those seasons'. We have more depth and better players in the squad and yet we have somehow managed to lose that mental strength of last year - especially away from home were we are so so easy to defeat.

So, in conclusion. We had plenty of chances (24 shots, 13 on target according to Sky). Didn't take them. Wonder goal from Martins. Too soft in defence and....oh, nearly forgot to mention one thing; Why the fuck do we persist in looking utterly clueless when at the edge of the penalty area with the ball? Shoot ffs, SHOOT!! It's staggering how their brains shut down and decide to play that one final pass so close to the goal. Very frustrating. But, oh well. Such is life. Such is the life of a Spurs fan.

I hope Bill Simmons wasn't watching this one. I bet he was though.....ripping off his shirt and waving around his black and white scarf. Bloody geordie.


Jan 13, 2007

The yeast he can expect is a 3 match ban

When Milan player Marco Borriello failed a drugs test in Italy having been tested after a game against Roma, you'd think it would be curtains for the lad in trying to explain his innocence.

So imagine the shocked faces of the members of the panel when he walks in with Belen Rodriguez.......

.....and proceeds to blame her for his negative result in the test due to a cream she used to cure a vaginal infection - which he unwittingly "ingested" whilst paying attention to the aforementioned part of her rather delectable anatomy. Though I suppose it wasn't that delectable at the time, hence the cream.
A cunning excuse for sure.

~Spooky (thanking the boys of gg.net)

More pocket money for David

So, Becks apparently isn't joining LA Galaxy for the money. He is moving to the USA because of the challenge at hand. Maybe he thinks he needs to learn a new language. £128M is a staggering amount of money, money he probably doesn't need, but lets face it....why should he be criticised for biting their hand off? He has been captain of his country, won countless silverware with Man Utd and regardless of the lack of success with the trophy cabinet at Madrid, its a fallacy to say he hasn't improved as a player and given La Liga some wonderful performances. Prior to the World Cup, he was outstanding (Less said about the World Cup on all counts, the better).

Beckham is a player of quality. Always in the right place at the right time (remember the free-kick against Greece?). Excellent set-piece take. Superb passer of the ball. Scores one or two. He has had a pretty complete career in that if you were in his shoes, you wouldn't complain. You might do if you had to marry Posh Spice, but purely on football reasons - he hasn't done too bad of a job.

Sure, if David had the looks of Luke Chadwick, he wouldn't be as rich and successful off the pitch with the aid of advertising and sponsorship deals. But you don't achieve success on the pitch based purely on looks. Beckham deserves credit. He has placed himself into a position where an MLS club has offered him an astronomical contract. Why the fuck shouldn't he take it? I know I had a sly dig at him at the start of this entry. But it's not like he's gonna tell the world that he is taking the deal so he can establish himself further in America so that after he retires from playing football he can proceed ahead with conquering Hollywood or whatever it is he plans to do out there. Make more money, presumably.

I don't know enough about the American game to comment about what kind of effect he will have on viewing figures/gate receipts etc, but it can't be a bad thing. So good luck Becks.

Question for the present is who will he play for in the mean time? Capello has told Beckham he won't ever play for Madrid again, so thats 6 months till his contract ends and he can depart for LA.

Maybe a Prem loan deal return beckons for beckham?


Roman empire begins to crumble

I'm finding it difficult to believe that at the first sign of trouble Jose Mourinho is considering departing from Stamford Bridge. Then again, the ego taking off as easy as he landed would be greeted by some as a wonderful thing. More to do with a potential Chelsea slide than disliking Mourinho's antics and post-match interviews. You cant deny he isn't top draw entertainment and if he was to depart from the Premiership it would be a big loss to the English game.

No players arriving this transfer window and Jose is not best pleased. I'm sure the board would have concerns about bringing in more superstars after the disappoint that has been Ballack and Shevchenko. Jose has gone public to complain and make one or two comments that have been taken (cryptically) to mean he wants out. Textbook knee-jerk from the tabloids but it's still difficult to really know for sure if Jose has had enough.

But whether there is a power-struggle between Kenyon/Roman and JM or if this is some kind of elaborate Jedi-mind trick from The Special One - its difficult to gauge.

Two titles on the trot followed by an injury crisis and lack of relentless form. With United doing well enough to be sitting in first place, you could simply say that the heat is on and suddenly Jose is under a bit of pressure. My personal opinion is that he wouldn't want to just walk out if he failed to achieve a 3rd successive title or possibly the Champions League. But then again, football is fickle. Thats from the fans all the way up to the owner.

Chelsea are a lucky lucky club to have landed a saviour financially and then to have Jose lead them to success. They shouldn't forget their history (or lack of) and if they happen to have a fruitless season, they should not be the ones to force Mourinho out of the club. They should stop fooling themselves into thinking they suddenly have the God-given right to be 'the biggest club in the world'. They won't find a better manager than Jose. They should remember that.

Its a volatile situation because he might walk out anyway, simply because he can. It's not like he would struggle to get another job. As for Chelsea, psychologically, they may not recover from losing him.

But it's all 'what if' at the time of writing. Not until the final whistle of the final game of the season will we know. I remember a Chelsea fan a few years ago basking in the glory of his club being bought by a Russian billionaire and then seeing them appoint the well-groomed manager from Porto. He made a comment that back then that I've only recently remembered:

"We'll find a way to fuck it up....because we're Chelsea"

Didn't have to wait long for the fire to start.


Jan 11, 2007

April Fools in January?

From The Sun:

Noise levels experienced by players at Fratton Park, Old Trafford and Anfield are often in excess of 90 decibels - meaning that players may be given earmuffs to protect their hearing under health and safety legislation.

Players wearing earmuffs? 90 decibels at Old Trafford? Someone somewhere has hit the Absinthe hard...


Dear Bill Simmons.....

So apparently Bill Simmons is reconsidering his decision to adopt Tottenham as his Premiership team. If you’re wondering who Bill is, he’s an American. But don’t hold that against him. He's a sports journalist who writes for ESPN and is possibly one of the best they have to offer. That’s what other Americans have told me.

Back in the summer he decided to choose a team from the Prem to 'support' in order to break his football (real football) virginity. He opted to go with Spurs. Yeah, yeah.....poor sucker. Google him, you'll come across the article he wrote up where he talks through his selection process. Its a good read.

He now apparently (sort of) regrets it, which you may argue for him that he has a case, but not until you hear that he thinks he should have chosen Newcastle United. I'm shaking my head with disapproval. This isn't American sports Bill where you can pick and support someone depending on what town you happen to be living in.

Right, let’s copy and paste something at this juncture:

Tim (Kalamazoo, Mich.): What happened to your newfound love of the English Premier League? I hope you know that you are now one of the several million people who claim to like soccer but don't actually follow through with it. Jerk.

Bill Simmons: I've been watching some, will kick it into another gear once the NFL season ends. My biggest problem is that I feel like I picked the wrong team … I keep gravitating towards Newcastle every time they're on, I like their uniforms and their fans and I'm kicking myself for not taking them. But I feel loyal to Spurs even though we have no real history. I feel like someone who went to college and immediately got a girlfriend the first week without playing the field. I dunno. I need to figure this out. There was a game last month when Newcastle beat Spurs 3-1 and I found myself getting fired up every time Newcastle scored … and you know how I feel about sports bigamy. So I'm not going to write about soccer until I figure this out.

Seems the cliché about Americans short-term concentration span rings true even for a professional writer. Uniforms? Bill, please, get a grip man. That's like me selecting an American Football team to support based purely on the length of the skirts the cheerleaders wear. Though, on reflection, that's probably how I would choose to support a team States Side.

As for their fans, yes, historically they are a fanatical bunch. Shirtless in sub-zero temperatures waving scarfs to help prove just how craaaaaaaaazy they are. I don’t get the ‘no real history’ bit, as I’m not sure if you are referring to yourself and your personal association with selecting Spurs or the club's history. I’m sure you can’t mean the club, as Newcastle haven’t won a thing for 50 years and Tottenham’s history is just that tad more colourful, if frustrating. And had you selected any other club for that matter, you'd still be without any true association to it.

You're Spurs, and you know you are...

I suppose the fact you are from Boston is the reason you have taken the Newcastle fans to heart. Brash loud fans in the North East of the country. But don't expect the Magpies to move their franchise down South to London.

See, what you need to do is get hold of one or two DVD’s. Maybe the 1981 FA Cup replay at Wembley. Or the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal from 1991. And also the 4-3 home defeat to Man City in the Cup when we were leading 3-0 against 10 men. Though this seasons 2-1 victory over Chelsea was probably one of the games of the season. Have you seen it? No? Why?

Better yet, how about getting in touch with Daniel Levy and asking for a ticket to a home match, because I assure you once you hear the Park Lane Roar your ears will bleed…

…well, maybe not bleed, but you'll find it altogether a more satisfying experience than watching a game on the box. I'll give you one of my tickets if you decide to pop over to London. As long as I get to meet some leggy cheerleaders if I ever re-visit America.

The reason you still feel some form of loyalty to us is because you are genuinely loyal to us but you are allowing yourself to get districted by something that you should be ignoring. It’s like having a girlfriend back at home, in sexy lingerie, waiting for you in bed with a tub of ice cream only for you to be eyeing up the slut in the local bar who is wearing a skirt so short that its half way up her neck. So stop flirting. The girl back home will let you lick ice cream off her every night, even if the slut in the bar will give you a f*cking great time in the sack, you're still end up with an assortment of STD's. Its not worth it. Choose the tub of ice cream!

Spurs, guaranteed, will always – without fail – give you a rollercoaster of a ride from season to season. Newcastle, historically, always find themselves complaining about their chairman and not really doing anything from one season to the next. I mean, when was the last time Newcastle got food poisoning on the last day of the season when needing to win to get into the Champions League? It’s positively popcorn premier entertainment. Only Spurs do spectacular defeats. But when we do get it right, we get it RIGHT. And we are a joy to watch.

I don’t think there’s that much to work out Bill. You need to stop being so over dramatic and join us in the utter misery and ecstasy that is being a Tottenham fan. You went through all the decision making and selected the Lilywhites so your creditability will be pretty much zero if you jump ship. Especially if you jump ship for a team that won’t provide you anything in the way of heart skips and headaches. I mean, Newcastle’s deadliest rivals aren’t even in the Prem. You can’t support a team that can’t provide you with a derby day.

Yes. We have been utterly underwhelming thus far this season, and my research suggests that tragically the games that have been screened over there in the States involving Spurs haven't been the best choices. Which means you probably haven't seem much of a certain Aaron Lennon.

But maybe thats not a bad thing because we haven't been that great in the Prem this year. But one or two explosive goals from Newcastle doesn't mean they wont spend the best part of the season defending like the Keystone Cops. And watching Newcastle losing as a Newcastle fan is like watching a really bad Adam Sandler movie. Any Adam Sandler movie.

Look, at the end of the day losing one armchair fan isn’t exactly going to break my heart or the hearts of others that follow the Spurs. But it’s wonderfully ironic that you chose us in the first place and I’d hate to see you move onto another club like many pretend followers of the game do.

We're in the League Cup semi-final. Its a two-legged game, one home and the other away. And we are playing Arsenal. Yes, the Enemy. Spurs are the type of team that could win the first leg 5-0 and the fans still wont be sure of a place in the final because if there is one team that could lose the second leg 6-0, its us.

Nobody can give you that kind of heart-trouble. Not even Newcastle United. Keep the faith Mr Simmons, and before I forget, who does have the cutest cheerleaders?


Blues rewrite history

Blunder of the week has to be the 2007 Official Club Diary of Birmingham City.

The story

So apparently, the printers are blaming the club for giving them the information to print in the first place.

If Hollywood can re-write history why not a football club? For the record, Spurs are six times European Champions. I'm publishing the book next month.


Jan 10, 2007

Behind closed doors

Nothing clever about the title of this blog. Just stating potential fact:

UEFA Decision

Those naughty Feyenoord fans will have to share the pubs in and around Rotterdam with travelling Spurs fans who have already booked up in earnest.

I'll prefer to take a drive down to Amsterdam and ask the cute brunette in the kamer by the canal to put the radio on.


Liverpool get enema from the enemy

Zero goals conceded at Fortress Anfield since October time. Then 9 in 2 games.

Some are suggesting that Liverpool's 3-6 home defeat in the Carling Cup was all down to abysmal defending and goalkeeping. Even if you play badly, conceding six goals at home isn't something that you should distract from the ones that truly deserve the credit. I mean, firstly, it's not like Wenger played a full strength team, and to be honest, I'd rather play a full strength Arsenal side than their reserves (well, actually, I'd rather not play the gits at all).

Roll on the semi-final. Allocation has been sorted (the goons get 5,500 for the Lane and we get 9,000 for The Grove). Though the less said about £60 tickets for the home leg the better.

Have to go back to Liverpool for a moment. Out of all comps apart from the Champs League (the Prem is a two horse race, obviously) and surely the great underachievers cement their title by never quite reaching the dizzy highs that their fans expect from them. Crisis at Anfield it is then.

Well, not quite. Maybe its time the fans let go of the distant memory of utter relentless domination from the permed years of European Cups and League titles, and lower their expectations a little. Because from where I'm sitting, I'd gladly have Liverpool's trophy cabinet of the past few years. Yes, they should strive for improvement and progression, but they are nothing more than a good cup team. Oh right, now I get why their fans were booing them. Well, there's always next season and there's still the Champions League to play for.

I'm sure Liverpool fans are hating the fact they are blue at the moment.


Jan 5, 2007

Whore yourself!

Will Micah join Chelsea?
Who will Curbs buy for West Ham United?
Is Lescott on his way to Madrid?
And is Owen Hargreaves really worth £20M?

Its silly season........Click here to join in

Jan 3, 2007

Brand new year, same old tripe

Hola, and welcome to 2007. I've been away for a bit, relaxing in The Shire (deepest Essex). I actually had access to broadband there, but I also had access to a slim brunette in sexy lingerie. But praise Al Gore, I'm now back online and ready to browse porn. And maybe write some blogs if I have time.

West Ham United

6-0 drubbing at Reading. One wonders why Pardew was shown the door, as it's not the quality of the manager that will save the 'ammers from relegation. It's down to the level of passion and commitment that the players decide to display out on the pitch. Prima donnas? The club appears to be rife with them. Last years heroic performance in league and cup seemed to have elevated the ego's of one too many at Upton Park and tragically for the fans this has resulted in the said players deciding that its not necessary to turn up and actually try on any given Saturday.

I'm going to regret using this saying, but I think they are too good to go down. Unless its all a ploy from the ego's to wriggle themselves out of East London via relegation and join a bigger club in the process. Though in this case, the bigger club will probably be Fulham for most of them.

For me, the quote of the day can be read in a nice little article in The Guardian where Yossi Benayon calls his team mates 'a bunch of drunks' and then goes on to state:

"In our last game, I was the best man on the pitch, but what could I have done against Reading? I only touched the ball twice".

Credit to the away fans. If the players had half the energy the WHU's supporters displayed they wouldn't be anywhere near the drop zone. 'Not fit to wear the shirt' is quite apt.

Classic Irony

Apparently Jose is complaining that its a tad difficult to potentially purchase anyone in this transfer window as clubs add on millions and millions to the value of the players Chelsea are interested in because they know they have an infinite supply of notes at the ready and are willing to pay over the odds to bring in 'that' star player.

Apparently, this isn't fair. Apparently, Jose thinks we have a three-second memory. Complaining about other players diving is funny enough, but this is pure gold. His lickle brain must be hurting from all those mind-games he keeps playing with Grandpa Fergie. Then again, maybe Essien and Drogba ARE worth the money Roman paid for them. Which mean's Chelsea have never paid over the odds for a player and should not be held to ransom.

Worth every penny.

The W-Factor

Arsenal lose to Sheffield United, and Arsene Wenger decides that:

  1. - Utd were far too physical
  2. - It was raining and the pitch wasn't in good shape
  3. - A Saturday evening kick-off is unacceptable for his team

These were the reasons why they lost 1-0. Fucking do one Mr Wenger. I don't buy into all this 'a good loser is still a loser' philosophy that he spouts as a defense for his arrogant statements. It's not a sign of weakness to state the blatantly obvious that all others can see. You lost 1-0 cause on the night you were second best. But I suppose it's far better value to have a manager act the c*nt than be a nice chap. So, Arsene, carry on Wengering. It would be boring without your unbiased viewpoints.