Jan 28, 2007

Spurs 2 Gypos 2

"....if we play with pace and tempo like we've done in the past against the 'big clubs' at the Lane, we need to take every single chance we create. Otherwise, we can kiss it goodbye. Time to be relentless" ~ Spooky, in a previous blog

Yep. Kiss it indeed. Once more we give 45 minutes of exactly what's needed, followed by the anti-performance that makes the previous forty-five redundant. Not much to say except, wonderful first half display (if only.....if if if if only Berbs had not got injured, I fancied us for a 3rd with him on the pitch) and a craptacular second half display in that if you sit back and allow ANY Arsenal team to attack, then you have no chance of keeping a clean sheet (regardless how fucking inept Paul Robinson is at the moment).

Firstly, Arsenal fans. Try for some consistency with your gloating. Most of them have been saying how much of a disgrace Spurs were not to have beaten the Arsenal Yoof/Reserves. "You can't even beat our kids" they gloat. On the one hand, they claim to have the best players about, so surely if thats the case, drawing/losing to them isn't the shock it's meant to be? Is it? Even their 'second string side' has wonderful depth of quality players (and two world class players.......two more than what we have).

If they are as good as the Arsenal fans claim them to be, then why the big shock at claiming a draw at WHL, or for that matter getting there in the first place? Bit of a fallacy that allows the gooners to have their fun at our expense. Though, hand on heart, did anyone really think Spurs would hold their own..........against our worst enemy.............thats us by the way, not them?

It wasn't The Beast that brought us down to earth, it was Tottenham Hotspur. The textbook knee-jerk that the players seem to get when they find themselves in a strong position.

Consolidate your lead, Spurs. But that seems to be a mission impossible when it matters most. Much like the second leg at the Emirates will be.

The Spurs team are pretty inexperienced (in certain positions) but that's no real excuse. The Arsenal side fielded at the Lane could hold their own against most of the Prem....and if we're meant to be shit, whats the big deal? Hey, in your face Arsenal......you couldn't even beat Spurs with your second eleven.

This blog entry is losing it's structure now, much like we did last Wednesday. Disappointing that the players didn't up the temp further in the second half and finish them off. It seems that Spurs CAN get themselves going for the big big games (well, this time round at least) but definitely can not last the whole 90. How many times do I need to talk about 'mentality' and 'self-belief'. Once more, over to you Mr Jol.


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