Jan 28, 2007

Davids gone, Rocha in, and maybe Bale.....

So, Davids is off to Ajax. No big shock considering he hardly gets a game. World class in his prime, way off it at Spurs, but played his part in last seasons surge to *cough* 5th *cough*. Probably had the desired effect off the pitch, in training which makes me wonder why he wasn't offered a coaching role. Then again, he could easily play on for a few years, so going back to Holland is probably the far more attractive option. Not that a coaching role was ever a real option other than in the heads of a few Spurs fans.

I don't know nowt about Rocha, except he is meant to be pretty decent and we needed a center-back with Ledley acting the sicknote at the moment. Experienced, so probably far better than the departed Davenport or the please-depart-soon Gardner. Not a glory glory type of signing, just one that's much needed to shore up the defence especially with so many games at the moment.

As for Bale. £10M? United claim we are in the front-running for his signature, but reading between the lines (Fergie's is the one rumourwhoring) it's obvious that Utd want him and will probably get him. Bale will stay at Soton for another year or so and then get drafted into Utd's team. On the other hand, he could probably walk into the Spurs line-up at the moment, due to the fact that even at 17, he is better than what we have at left-back. And £10M isn't a lot when you consider how much we have spunked for that position over the last few years on highly dubious 'quality'.


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