May 2, 2007

random blog entry

Hola. Once more, not been online long enough to blog in the last week. Everyday mundane stuff like coke and hookers have got in the way. We won at Boro. Three points. Three games left, two at home. Have to win all three, which could see us finish 5th. Some of that thank you very much. And maybe next season we can look at winning consistently at away from home and make sure we only lose to one or two at home (preferably none, but I'm sure Man Utd will rape us like we've been hit with Rohypnol).

Oh, and my usual request for Robbo to lose a few pounds and for Jol to spend some $$$ on a left-back and centre-back should get another mention. Should mention the volley by Berbatov. If he's sold in the summer, I'll cry like a bitch.


Is apparently the new Spurs shirt. Compared to this season, there isn't that much of a change to warrant any true 125th anniversary hype. Though compared to some other 2008 replicas, I think ours is relatively snazzy in comparison.

Special mention to Chelsea. HA! Justice tbh. Jose has acted the cunt in recent days with some of the utter crap he's spouted (the class comment relating to Ronaldo and his family lacked any form of class). But then class isn't something you associate with Chelsea. Not historically. The only downside of all this is that we might have to put up with Liverpool 'winning it 6 times'.

Need to sleep now.