Jan 22, 2007

King's Out

All Hail Anthony Gardner!

No Ledley on Wednesday, which is a huge huge blow. Found out today that for the second leg, to get a ticket, you need 188 loyalty points. I've fallen short at 175. Gutted. Will have to wait and see if one happens to drop into my lap by pure luck. Was looking forward to returning to the Emirates. We owe them a performance. Our players owe us a performance. It's not a North London Derby if one of the teams fails to turn up. Have to make do with Sky Sports probably for that one.

As for Wednesday, ticket has arrived. Not going to be easy, regardless of the team they put out. One thing our boys need to do is.........if we play with pace and tempo like we've done in the past against the 'big clubs' at the Lane, we need to take every single chance we create. Otherwise, we can kiss it goodbye. Time to be relentless. Couldn't ask for a more difficult challenge IMO.


1 comment:

Zero said...

Do you now how funny it is that you're shitting yourself at facing our kids, kinda makes me proud.

You're strong favourites and I'll be surprised if you don't win.