Jan 21, 2007

Grand Slam in the face

So, Arsenal do what they do best and win their game against Utd in the dying seconds. You-know-who scores the winner. It's the same olde script. You'd think there be an alternative ending at some point. At least that's what I wish for. Credit to them. But boy, do they make me sick.

Liverpool beating Chelsea was less of a shock having watched the game. I have no idea why I thought a team without Terry, Carvalho and Makelele would stand a chance at Anfield. Egg on face for me. The Blues were woeful. Probably one of their worst and most ineffective performances under Jose. They looked ordinary. More of the same please.

As for Hatton. He won. As for Ben Thatcher. He shook the hands of Pedro Mendes before kick-off. And Charlton shook the foundations of Fratton Park by taking all three points.

Not a bad weekend. Now forwards we look, and to Wednesday. I'm already bricking it.


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