Jan 10, 2007

Liverpool get enema from the enemy

Zero goals conceded at Fortress Anfield since October time. Then 9 in 2 games.

Some are suggesting that Liverpool's 3-6 home defeat in the Carling Cup was all down to abysmal defending and goalkeeping. Even if you play badly, conceding six goals at home isn't something that you should distract from the ones that truly deserve the credit. I mean, firstly, it's not like Wenger played a full strength team, and to be honest, I'd rather play a full strength Arsenal side than their reserves (well, actually, I'd rather not play the gits at all).

Roll on the semi-final. Allocation has been sorted (the goons get 5,500 for the Lane and we get 9,000 for The Grove). Though the less said about £60 tickets for the home leg the better.

Have to go back to Liverpool for a moment. Out of all comps apart from the Champs League (the Prem is a two horse race, obviously) and surely the great underachievers cement their title by never quite reaching the dizzy highs that their fans expect from them. Crisis at Anfield it is then.

Well, not quite. Maybe its time the fans let go of the distant memory of utter relentless domination from the permed years of European Cups and League titles, and lower their expectations a little. Because from where I'm sitting, I'd gladly have Liverpool's trophy cabinet of the past few years. Yes, they should strive for improvement and progression, but they are nothing more than a good cup team. Oh right, now I get why their fans were booing them. Well, there's always next season and there's still the Champions League to play for.

I'm sure Liverpool fans are hating the fact they are blue at the moment.


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