Jan 19, 2007

Grand Slam Weekend

Liverpool v Chelsea

This should be a cracker. Nah, just ribbing you. Have to say it's a difficult one to predict as Liverpool - strong as they are at home (except when playing Arsenal) are still not a team you can fully back to beat a Chelsea side who are allegedly going through a 'crisis'. And oh, what a crisis!! Second in the Premiership. That makes for depressing reading for the team from Fulham. A draw is a good as Liverpool can hope for I think. Chelsea, not the force they were last season but still strong enough, will not allow themselves to lose at Anfield. If...'if' they did, then they will have to hope that Arsenal defeat Utd on Sunday, otherwise Manchester United fans will reclaim their throne as the most irritating fans in the country.

Ricky Hatton v Juan Urango

Hatton's fighting for the IBF welterweight in Vegas against an unbeaten Colombian. Hatton will therefore be focused, determined and hoping to sniff out any potential upset by knocking out Urango early on. I'll Sky+ this one.

Arsenal v Man U

This should....I hope....but a monster of a game. Arsenal are playing catch-up and continue their confident attack towards the top two places. They haven't lost at the Emirates yet. If there's one team that can go there and win, it's Utd. I'm sounding like Lawro here. I've got fingers crossed that Man Utd stick it up their c*nts.

Pompey v Thatcher

Odds on Ben getting sent-off or getting a taste of his own medicine? Don't let us down Pedro.


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