Jan 18, 2007

score draw

The Football League today accepted our position on the issue of away ticketing allocations and ruled that there should be parity in percentage of allocation. They therefore asked Arsenal FC to find a way to increase the allocation at the Emirates stadium to match that which we were able to provide at White Hart Lane - namely 12.2%.

Arsenal FC have since responded that they are unable to do so and we find their unwillingness to accommodate this percentage of away fans disappointing. The Football League, in light of Arsenal's inability to comply with this, has therefore provided for the away allocation of tickets for supporters at both White Hart Lane and the Emirates to be equal, based upon Arsenal's provision of 5,173 away tickets. This means that we shall only be providing Arsenal with 3,000.

The Football League has stressed that their decision has been made in the exceptional circumstances of this being Arsenal's first season at the Emirates stadium and should not be used as a precedent in future seasons.

from tottenhamhotspur.com

The cheek of them still wanting a higher percentage at the Lane. Staggering arrogance.


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