Jan 18, 2007

semi-final tickets (again)

From Football365:

"I can't go without a mention to Spurs, dear dear Spurs, apparently you have only allocated us Gooners 3,000 seats for the milk cup semi, and not the agreed 15% as per league rules. Apparently this is due to safety reasons?? This is easily solved, don't play Jenas and there is less likelihood of him injuring anyone behind the gaols with his 30 yards howitzers.

Rob (Narf London Gooner now in Dublin) Smith

Rob, try removing your head out of your arse so that in future you dont mis-read the facts. Let me guess....you didn't see the facts? Like manager, like fan.

Thankfully some intelligence to counter the LOLZ attack from Rob:

Phil Cornwall:

Another, more long-standing and plainly worthwhile rule is in the news, that granting the away side higher percentages of the tickets for cup ties.

Arsenal, it seems, have built a stadium incapable of holding a major cup tie. They are unable to give Spurs the 15 per cent entitlement for the Carling Cup semi-final, for reasons of segregation.

The solution is fairly simple. Give Spurs their 15 per cent then close whichever adjacent sections the police advise for the night to maintain safe segregation. Arsenal should not be rewarded for the lack of foresight in building their new ground with an unfair advantage and need a financial penalty from lost ticket sales to make them see the error of their ways. Otherwise others will follow suit.

I'm sure with the F.A. and Dein's 'relationship', 15% won't see the light of day.


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