Jan 13, 2007

More pocket money for David

So, Becks apparently isn't joining LA Galaxy for the money. He is moving to the USA because of the challenge at hand. Maybe he thinks he needs to learn a new language. £128M is a staggering amount of money, money he probably doesn't need, but lets face it....why should he be criticised for biting their hand off? He has been captain of his country, won countless silverware with Man Utd and regardless of the lack of success with the trophy cabinet at Madrid, its a fallacy to say he hasn't improved as a player and given La Liga some wonderful performances. Prior to the World Cup, he was outstanding (Less said about the World Cup on all counts, the better).

Beckham is a player of quality. Always in the right place at the right time (remember the free-kick against Greece?). Excellent set-piece take. Superb passer of the ball. Scores one or two. He has had a pretty complete career in that if you were in his shoes, you wouldn't complain. You might do if you had to marry Posh Spice, but purely on football reasons - he hasn't done too bad of a job.

Sure, if David had the looks of Luke Chadwick, he wouldn't be as rich and successful off the pitch with the aid of advertising and sponsorship deals. But you don't achieve success on the pitch based purely on looks. Beckham deserves credit. He has placed himself into a position where an MLS club has offered him an astronomical contract. Why the fuck shouldn't he take it? I know I had a sly dig at him at the start of this entry. But it's not like he's gonna tell the world that he is taking the deal so he can establish himself further in America so that after he retires from playing football he can proceed ahead with conquering Hollywood or whatever it is he plans to do out there. Make more money, presumably.

I don't know enough about the American game to comment about what kind of effect he will have on viewing figures/gate receipts etc, but it can't be a bad thing. So good luck Becks.

Question for the present is who will he play for in the mean time? Capello has told Beckham he won't ever play for Madrid again, so thats 6 months till his contract ends and he can depart for LA.

Maybe a Prem loan deal return beckons for beckham?



Angry White American Male said...

Pleasant to see a non-American say something positive regarding the Beckham situation. As a football fanatic (English, not American), I liken Beckham's arrival to that of one Wayne Gretzky in the '80 and what it meant for Hockey in the US. I suspect that his presence will be more important than his on-pitch contributions, but will help elevate the American Footie one or two inches closer to respectability.

P.S.: I've just come across your blog, and have bookmarked it. Not much Rumour Whoring here in the US, so a direct-feed to the centre of the Football world is refreshing and enlightening to this yankee!

Thank You!

spooky said...

Hi mate and welcome.

I'll be writing more blogs related to Becks US adventure, so keep us updated once he lands in LA. Would be interesting to get a non-English perspective once he starts to play for Galaxy.