Jan 30, 2007

Head v Heart

As much as I would like to think we aint gonna get dicked tomorrow night, I can't see where a winning goal will come from. We would have to put in some performance to get to through to Cardiff. Arsenal are always good for a goal or two, which means we would need to match them. 0-0 or 1-1 wouldn't be enough (away goals count after extra-time). Can we really go there and win? I'm not half as nervous as I should be, probably because my head is telling my heart; No chance.

But you know what, football shouldn't be about marginalising your feelings. It shouldn't be about accepting defeat before the ball is even kicked. Yes, the odds are against us. Yes, everything points to them being mentality stronger (see the first leg for evidence). And yes, I did start this blog with the belief that we're gonna get dicked but fuck it. You just have to believe. And if the players don't turn up and we lose 3-0......shame on them. If they turn up and play and take the lead........well, that's when we find out if the mental block will be our curse. Redemption is their key.

The point is, it's far more fun to think you're in with a chance. The beers will make sure of that.


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