Jan 31, 2007

eight beers in

Oh well. Thats that then. I'm not gonna place any blame on Rocha. Arsenal always looked the more likely to make it two-one (did we even touch the ball in extra-time?). And the no-show of Lennon on the bench (not on the bench because of illness, and then 'on' the bench in Spurs minds, but not officially on the team sheet according to the assistant ref.....or maybe he was on the bench and he fell ill and we couldn't replace him time.......confusing).

No 'getting the game by the scruff of the neck' ethics to be seen from the Tottenham players. Mido and Huddlestone should have started. That would have sent the right message for what needed to be done.

All goes back to the home game. Two-nil and we......well, I'm sure you've heard the song.

Regardless of all of Tottenham's negatives, you can't really take it away from the scum. They deserved it on the nights performance.

Let's be honest. We don't have any world class players in our ranks. We dont have any true class either. Maybe, apart from Berbatov and Lennon (when on fire). Both were missing and the result was no width and pretty much no clever play up front. No King at the back is also damaging to our structure. These are not excuse for tonight, I'm talking generally. We don't have any true depth.

How long left till the end of the transfer window?

UEFA Cup it is then.

~Spooky (drunk and down)

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