Jan 28, 2007

Berbs in Germany

Berbatov is currently in Germany seeking the magical healing powers of specialist Hans Muller-Wolfhart to help with his groin injury.

Tragically, he is out of Wednesday's second leg. I think the moment he got injured was the moment we 'lost' the semi-final. As much as Robbie Keane huffs and puffs around the pitch, I don't have any great hope of us achieving anything close to a victory without The Berb.

Yeah, how negative am I? Well actually I'm being quite level-headed about it. They haven't lost at AG and with them having to go away to Bolton in the FA Cup (replay) they will make damn sure they win on Wednesday to get through to the final. Which means anything thats not 1000% better than our 3-0 defeat at the Emirates in the Prem won't be good enough.

Fucking 'ell, I aint looking forward to this one.


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