Jan 28, 2007

spare a thought for the not so 'appy 'ammers...

Post-Watford FA Cup defeat blues for our resident West Ham nut, Chazza:

Despite spending a large amount of money and appointing a new manager we seem to have gone backwards rather than forwards.

Boa Morte look utterly disinterested, Neil went off injured (rumour going round he dropped his wallet on his foot) and will no doubt do a Bowyer (ie. sit on the treatment table till we're relegated whilst happily collecting his wages) while we've left one of the best keepers in the country on the bench for some gambling addicted Irish pikey drunk.

Watford are utterly hopeless. God knows what that makes us and what does our hero, our messiah, managerial great Alan Curbishley have to say to rally the troops... some shit about last season again that he himself said he hated people bringing up yet does it at every opportunity, trying to deflect criticism from how uninspiring he is along with his tactics.

Every single player back at corners against Watford at home. Mark Noble, a young guy who'd bleed claret and blue not even on the bench. Sheringham still anywhere near the team. A number of players being bombed out because of what appear to be personal issues (Konchesky, Mears, Noble, Mascherano) while others are starting despite being utterly fucking shit (Shaun Newton FFS! Most clubs would bomb a player out if they failed a drug test. EVERY club would bomb a player out if they failed a drug test and weren't actually any good. Not West Ham) A midfield player who was one of the stars of the World Cup and wanted by two huge clubs in Liverpool and Juventus... I could go on... ~ Chazza Muffin

WHU v Watford Thread

Staying Up?

You'd think something will click for them soon in a positive way, but it seems that no matter what team Curbs fields, they respond with very little. Tuesday night Liverpool visit Upton Park. The Man Utd win way back should have kick-started West Ham's climb up the table. Should have. Its going to be interesting to see how the players perform against the Reds. I guess its a good opportunity for some of the WHU players to impress to guarantee that transfer away when/if they go down.


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