Jan 18, 2007

Game of percentages

Let me get the gloating out of the way first (Bill Simmons take note).

Newcastle 1 Birmingham 5.

Not exactly Spurs is it Bill? If that was us losing we'd go 3-0 up and lose 4-3 in injury time. Certain victory ripped from our hearts when it looks impossible to lose. As opposed to being abjectly shit from the start and never looking like getting through to the next round. Although, a Championship team beating a Premiership team at their gaff makes me a little ashamed that we lost to the Toon 3-2 at home. Though by proxy, we best Chelsea, so that makes Newcastle the bestest. Which means that Birmingham are Barcelona. Football logic wins again.

Maybe Newcastle struggled due to lack of atmosphere at St James Park. Empty seats at the Toon. Have the coal mines re-opened?

As for us, comfortable win at home to Cardiff. I think the highlight of the evening was watching the police set up their 3 wall barrier on either side of the away-end entrance, inclosing in the rather pleasent chaps from Cardiff. Riot police, dogs and horses. And not a single punch thrown. Love the fact that the OB forced them to pick up their tickets at a service station so they can bundle them onto the coaches to London. Good work fellas.

Still on the subject of Cup games. Spurs v Arsenal semi-final. 15% agreed for ticket allocation, only for Arsenal to change their minds with what we should get at their ground, but wanting to still get the 15% at our place. Ok. Sure. That'll work. What's the problem anyway with giving us 9,000 for the Emriates ? It's not like it's going to kick off. We can't even smash up the toilets on account of the 18 police officers patrolling the urinals. Arsenal have twice the capacity we have, and in this day and age of high-tech police enforcement, the only reason for David Dein not agreeing to us getting the 15% is because he's a bit of a cunt.


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