Jan 3, 2007

Brand new year, same old tripe

Hola, and welcome to 2007. I've been away for a bit, relaxing in The Shire (deepest Essex). I actually had access to broadband there, but I also had access to a slim brunette in sexy lingerie. But praise Al Gore, I'm now back online and ready to browse porn. And maybe write some blogs if I have time.

West Ham United

6-0 drubbing at Reading. One wonders why Pardew was shown the door, as it's not the quality of the manager that will save the 'ammers from relegation. It's down to the level of passion and commitment that the players decide to display out on the pitch. Prima donnas? The club appears to be rife with them. Last years heroic performance in league and cup seemed to have elevated the ego's of one too many at Upton Park and tragically for the fans this has resulted in the said players deciding that its not necessary to turn up and actually try on any given Saturday.

I'm going to regret using this saying, but I think they are too good to go down. Unless its all a ploy from the ego's to wriggle themselves out of East London via relegation and join a bigger club in the process. Though in this case, the bigger club will probably be Fulham for most of them.

For me, the quote of the day can be read in a nice little article in The Guardian where Yossi Benayon calls his team mates 'a bunch of drunks' and then goes on to state:

"In our last game, I was the best man on the pitch, but what could I have done against Reading? I only touched the ball twice".

Credit to the away fans. If the players had half the energy the WHU's supporters displayed they wouldn't be anywhere near the drop zone. 'Not fit to wear the shirt' is quite apt.

Classic Irony

Apparently Jose is complaining that its a tad difficult to potentially purchase anyone in this transfer window as clubs add on millions and millions to the value of the players Chelsea are interested in because they know they have an infinite supply of notes at the ready and are willing to pay over the odds to bring in 'that' star player.

Apparently, this isn't fair. Apparently, Jose thinks we have a three-second memory. Complaining about other players diving is funny enough, but this is pure gold. His lickle brain must be hurting from all those mind-games he keeps playing with Grandpa Fergie. Then again, maybe Essien and Drogba ARE worth the money Roman paid for them. Which mean's Chelsea have never paid over the odds for a player and should not be held to ransom.

Worth every penny.

The W-Factor

Arsenal lose to Sheffield United, and Arsene Wenger decides that:

  1. - Utd were far too physical
  2. - It was raining and the pitch wasn't in good shape
  3. - A Saturday evening kick-off is unacceptable for his team

These were the reasons why they lost 1-0. Fucking do one Mr Wenger. I don't buy into all this 'a good loser is still a loser' philosophy that he spouts as a defense for his arrogant statements. It's not a sign of weakness to state the blatantly obvious that all others can see. You lost 1-0 cause on the night you were second best. But I suppose it's far better value to have a manager act the c*nt than be a nice chap. So, Arsene, carry on Wengering. It would be boring without your unbiased viewpoints.


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