Mar 12, 2007

Spurs don't do boring

Chelsea 3 Spurs 3 (should have been 4)

Flipping 'eck. I know, I know. Shouldn't really complain considering that nobody expected us to go to Stamford Bridge and score three goals. With a little bit of good fortune, it could have been more, and today we all would have been looking forward to a Spurs v Blackburn semi-final and no media reports stating how the 'giants' Chelsea and Man Utd have avoided each other in the didn't use warm balls draw. Tell you what, next season, maybe only the top 4 should enter the FA Cup. Save everyone a bit of time, money and worry.

So anyways, 3-1, to 3-3. Another classic, but then we are becoming accustomed to that at the moment. A general observation would be kudos to Jol finally changing the way we play away. We attack more, we control the midfield more (well, more than in previous games) and we score goals. Not that it was a difficult achievement to do so in the opening 45 minutes of yesterdays Cup quarter-final. Chelsea, for want of a better description, were fucking shite. No John Terry in the Blues side is like having the X-Men without Wolverine. No snarling bite. Spurs had a fucking field day with the lack of adamantium in the Chelsea defence. 3-1 ffs. Easy peasy. Their only reply was a text-book Lampard tap-in.

All too surreal and all too unbelievable, which meant the final result was pretty much expected.

Difficult to criticise Jol for the subs. Berbatov was injured. Not sure about the Lennon substitution, so maybe a question mark there (unless the lickle man was 'tired'). And then Gardner. Tall, but quite obviously incapable of defeating gravity.

20 minutes to go, you'd think attacking would be the best policy. But then, its a bit too easy to be critical. People who this morning decided to slag off Spurs for not holding on for a win should remember that Chelsea DID turn up for the second half. Goals were untidy, yes. But thats what they do best. We just weren't ruthless enough. And Defoe/Berbatov is not a patch on Keane/Berbatov.

Gardner is probably good enough for West Ham United. Actually that's unfair. I'm good enough for West Ham United. Anthony could get away with playing for Charlton. Mido is something different altogether. Mido is what a cheeseburger would look and move like if Dr Frankenstein gave it life.

Much like the first semi-final against the scum, we lost the game the moment Berbs went off injured. Brilliant at holding the ball up, supremely intelligent and would easily get into any of the top 4's first team. We need another player of that same quality in central midfield. Then, under pressure or not, we would have the psychological strength and mind-set not to give up a 2 goal lead. Even against a team that has lost once in 80 or so games at home. Patience maybe on Zokora. Not everyone turns it on first season in the Prem.

If anything for at least 45 odd minutes we gave some much needed belief that Chelsea can be rattled. I mean, fuck me, it was loony tunes at the back for them. Speaks volumes for the quality of John Terry and Claude Makele.

Next Monday will be difficult. Can't see them being that lacklustre again. Hopefully, Spurs will have Berbs 100% and welcome the return of Robbo, Keane, Chimbonda, Jenas and one or two others who were missing from Sunday.

Nice moments of the day, included the lack of response from the home fans when told 'Next year you're Utd fans'. Jose and Jol enjoying a 15 minute conversation in the stands pre-kick off, followed by a hug after the game. Must be love. Jose calling the ref, 'a son of a whore'. Allegedly.

Moments that made me go '...if only', included Lennon's one-on-one and the two-chance moment which ended with Defoe not connecting his head with the ball at an open goal, and then Defoe making amends (almost) with a blistering shot smacking the bar.

Up next.......

(H) Braga Wed
(H) Watford Sat
(H) Chelsea Mon

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UpandAtom said...

We were lucky to escape with a draw. Gash we were. JT and Mak should make the difference in the replay.

Anonymous said...

ban count

Anonymous said...

Berbs wasn't injured. Jol is a liar. Mourinho did call that to referee and Spurs players.