Mar 17, 2007

I Heart Berbatov

If you've been in a coma this week, then you would have missed the national realisation that Dimitar Berbatov is actually quite good. Therefore, he is suddenly too good for Spurs. Which means Man Utd are interested. See, the modern game in this country appears to be rather simplistic in hierarchy. Footballers only want to win silverware which means they can only achieve this by playing for one of the top 4 clubs. Everyone else is simply there to make up the numbers and act as a feeder club.

Breaking into the top 4 is a mammoth task. It's one that might be aided by a dip of form over a couple of years from one or two of the Elite. At the moment, that would be either Arsenal or Liverpool. But even lack of consistent relentless form from these two, still has them sitting pretty in 3rd and 4th.

So any players out there with ambition know that if they excel at their club, they might....just might attract the attention of someone who can offer them Champions League. Now, what does this have to do with Tottenham's devil with the face of an angel?

Berbatov oozes class. Placing aside the doubters who suggest that maybe he is a player hitting a purple patch and wont actually get any better than how he's currently performing (a paradox, considering that he's outstanding at this moment in time and his form is as good as anyone's in the Prem). And also placing aside ridiculous arguments that he can't really be a world class player on account of him not being bought by a 'big club' when he opted to leave the Bundesliga.

DB is displaying the touch and skill of someone who is utterly comfortable with the English game and is growing in confidence with each game, improving the confidence of his team mates. Add another player of his standard into the Spurs team and we might actually win something.

The win against Braga brought us another couple of gems with Berbatov's sublime touches and finishes. The game itself was a tad worrying, and probably a wake-up call with Sevilla (and Fredi) up next in the quarter-final. We played some wonderful football, but conceded two goals we should have defended. We're at that stage where we need to take our chances. Also worrying is the fact that we are failing to keep a clean sheet. Not good. Not with Chelsea on Monday. Even Watford must fancy their chances on Saturday.

Back on topic. The fact is, you are only as good as your last game and Berbatov has been brilliant. If he continues to play like this and link up so well with Robbie Keane, we might finish high enough to claim a UEFA Cup spot....again. I won't mention anything else. I'm superstitious. All we need is Martin Jol to avoid any questionable substitutions in the final 20 minutes of any game we play and we should be fine.

Berbatov has proven to be worth every penny. He's no Rebrov. Yeah, Spurs fans will generally go over the top with their worship of the Bulgarian, but that's what we do best. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that he is modest enough and content enough to remain at the Lane. And wouldn't that be nice to see. A player who would rather stay at a club that has ambitions and wants to strive towards the Holy Grail of the Champions League rather than jump ship and take the easy route. Hardly ever happens these days.

Best I don't fret about it and just enjoy what he has to offer us. Which is a lot.


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Davey D said...

Quality player. Cant see us buying him though. Not because Spurs wont sell but because Berbatov wont leave Tottenham. Maybe we need to re-look at Torres instead.