Mar 18, 2007

I was there when Robbo scored

Spurs 3 Watford 1

Apart from Paul Robinson's Jennings moment, scoring from around 80 yards, Saturdays win against Watford was pretty much uneventful. A bit boring, fragmented play from us with all our key players on the bench. The visitors were very very poor, though that didn't stop them from scoring a consolation goal - making it something like 20 games now since a clean sheet. The only other significant footnotes from the game were as follows:

  • Mido. Injured and out of the team for so long that when he's back in the starting line-up he does nothing but prove that players with talent can quite comfortable do nowt with it. Nowhere near being the player he was in his purple patch last season. Should probably look to improve his attitude by cutting back on the booze and cigarettes.
  • Ghaly. Infuriating. Can do the difficult things, but can't do the easy things. Either has too much commitment (you always worry he will get booked/sent off) or not enough (ducks out of the tackle).
  • The lack of a footballing brain on Defoe's shoulder. Wonderful finishes on his day but incapable of working out how to beat the offside trap. The talent is there, but I don't think he will ever improve as a player.

To be fair, in comparison to Villa v Liverpool, the game was a classic. So I shouldn't complain too much. Steed did well. Dawson won every header, as per usual. Had Berbs and Keane started, along with Lennon we probably would have scored six. But we have other priorities. Chelsea on Monday, so best I reserve a proper rant for that blog.

So, up to 6th place, then down to 7th with Everton's last gasp winner at home to Arsenal. UEFA Cup spot has to be a priority, though we don't have it easy with some of our up and coming Premiership games. Hate to say it, but our early season and Christmas form has made it tricky. It's ironically cruel. I remember at the end of last season that Arsenal fans stated they wouldn't have another poor season - which they've managed to achieve again. If.....oh if if if if only we had the away form of last year, we'd be doing the olde Champs League run-in dance (hopefully this time without booking into a dodgey hotel).

Instead, we've got two Q-F's and a battle for 6th.....maybe even 5th. At least our season is still alive. Two years running. Consistency of a positive kind for once.

I'll wait for rival fans to start singing 'Where we're you when you were shit?' at us before I get too excited.


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