Mar 9, 2007

Something to Brag about

Braga 2
Spurs 3

3 away goals should see us through into the Q-F's of the UEFA Cup. Bit of a strange game it was against Los Arsenalists (Braga's history of changing their kit to resemble the one from the pikey part of North London has been well documented this past week). First, we appeared to be playing in front of a rather large rock, which isn't so much of a mystery considering the stadium was actually built into a rock face. The home fans used some kind of paper-made rattlers and the game itself played out like a training session. Well, one with few goals in the opening 45 minutes.

Should have been a stroll. Knife through butter for the best part of the match. Then we manage to actually slice them open, with 2 goals. Still should have been more, but Anthony Gardner...well actually, Olde Clumsy wasn't really at fault. The Braga player conned the ref (to the tune of 'Same old Arsenal, always cheating' from the Yid support) and won a penalty, resulting in the rare sight of Robbo saving it, only to watch the rebound hit the back of the net.

Then it was 2-2. And then it was 3-2, in stoppage time. Nice to see Spurs scoring late goals. As long as we remain professional at home, should be comfortable.

Berbs was his usual brilliant self (should, could have had a hattrick). Keane even notched a one-on-one (6 goals in 4 games now for the prolific Orish midget). I know, I know....amazing. Made up for John Barnes and whoever the other git is, commentating on the game.

Oh, and.....shame about the Arsenal.


(pics of Braga from the mob)


Pedro Morgado said...

Nice game. Supporters were fantastic.

This picture is wonderful.

Thank you, spurs!

spooky said...

Cheers! Any chance you can translate some of the comments being made in the link you posted?

Anonymous said...

Another proud day in Spurs' history as Arsenal lose a match.

Going out of the CL > Playing in the poor mans European cup.

spooky said...

Oh do shut up you shower