Mar 4, 2007

My faith in karma has been restored


Well look at that. Seems my heart beat up my head good and proper. Football is harsh. Its cruel. It can tear out your soul and crush your dreams and hopes. And on the other hand, all this can befall others as you stand and laugh rather loudly in their faces.

The first half against West Ham United managed to bring together all the concerns and worries I had pre-match and playfully meld them into what looked like at the time, a 'orrible afternoon for myself and all my fellow Spurs fans; a defeat. Not just any defeat. But one against a club that just love to beat us. And in this instance possibly give them some kind of glimmer of hope and more gloating rights.

We had some decent chances. Green showing Robinson how to keep goal. Berbatov frustrated. Noble, a player that will take the Championship by storm next season, scores and then you-know-who pops up with a free-kick. I like Tevez. You'll find most supporters of most clubs rate him. A powerhouse of energy, outstanding determination and fight with the skills and touch you come to expect from someone who represents Argentina. So when he lined-up the free-kick you knew, just knew, it would end in the back of the net. Robbo's 'take one step forward' tactic more or less guaranteed it.

So, 2-0 down. We're struggling to string more than 3 passes together. Its not looking good. In fact, it's looking all rather Tottenham at this point. Everything my head told me the other day was ringing true, and giving me a a big fuck-off headache that no amount of potential hiding will cure. But then came a surprise script-update. A change of plot line. And the second half was exactly what my heart had desired. A bit more passion and more importantly, several shovels of self-belief thrown over the claret and blue shallow grave.

Brilliant ball by Huddlestone, who had come on as a half-time sub, releasing Lennon who allowed Bowyer to bring him down. Penalty. Defoe. 1-2. Game on. The equaliser was some proper Class-A football that I joyfully snorted up. The flick from Lennon was outrageously delicious and TT made sure the whole move go what it deserved. A goal, jubilant celebrations and all my self-doubt placed to the side.

But West Ham, and credit to them, came back again. Everyone will say this and they will say it because its true. They battled hard and their desire and urgency was rewarded with a third goal (dubious defending on our part). Yes, Bobby Zamora scores with (I think) his first touch.

3-2. 5 minutes left of normal time. Game over, right?

Nah. Step up Anton Ferdinand and a push into the back of another one of our subs, the lively Taarabt. And with an eye of the tiger moment, Berbatov makes it three with a wonderfully flighted ball over the wall and into the goal. Delirium follows. We just wont let it be. And then the moment that we wanted. Now, coming to Upton Park and winning 4-0 would have been pretty great. But winning from a 3-2 losing position is oh so greater. Last season hurt. Against any other team (perhaps excluding to other certain London rivals) I could have just about lived with it, but having WHU gloat their way through the summer was just a touch uncomfortable.

So, when we broke away from our penalty area, five Spurs players on one West Ham player, rushing down on Green goal, I took my much maligned heart out of my chest and placed it into my mouth.

Defoe shot. Saved, and Mr Stalteri (on as a sub for Jenas early in the second half) scored to make it 4-3 in what was the 95th minute (and some) and end a classic ding-dong derby. This time, in favour of the team in Lilywhite. The sight of the Spurs fans celebrating the fourth is what this rollercoaster of football is all about.

West Ham fans and players shed tears. And you can't exactly expect them not too. They showed they wanted to win and arguably deserved some points out of the game. But to quote Curbs, naivety proved their downfall. But, lets not take credit away from Tottenham. For once....for once our players treated the game (eventually) with the kind of determination and commitment that the supporters demand.

Today was about blowing that candle out. And they didn't disappoint. West Ham's fans went from the quite high to the very low. They must feel sick. Bit like having food poisoning.

I don't care about West Ham United and their plight as it's never been in doubt. What I did care about this morning was that my team would allow myself and my fellow yiddos to have something to gloat about come Sunday evening. Losing to the Hammers would have been textbook. Thank you for not going down the usual path of misery. And hey, lets make a habit out of beating these type of teams more often.

So, 3-4. Beaming Martin Jol. Beaming away support. Beaming Spooky. And goodbye to West Ham United.


P.S. Can we please have Tevez and Ashton? Ta.


Pedro Morgado said...

Fantastic game. I hope the next game, in Braga, will be so spectacular as this one. You're welcome in Braga in this fantastic stadium!

Forza Huddlestone said...

What made this result so special was going from thankfully (but a little joylessly) settling for a 3-3 draw -- who wouldn't have accepted that as Tevez stood over that final Spammer corner? -- to stealing a gleeful (but really there's no adjective to do justice) 3 points in a matter of seconds.

Can't remember the last time I saw something like it.

spooky said...

Quite unbelievable really, considering I thought it was done and dusted after the Tevez free-kick. Proper heart-attack football. The last 5 minutes was insanity.

Robert A said...

Quite clearly the most sensible thing to do will be to just stop trying this year. Lets accept relegation and concentrate on winning promotion next year. As Homer Simpson says, "trying is the first step towards failure", so let's get back to doing what we're good at: Throwing bananas at Paul Ince, beating up the yids and forming firms of designer clothes-clad inter-city travelling hooligans to slap other supporters about. EAST, EAST, EAST LONDON; EAST, EAST EAST LONDON, etc etc