Mar 31, 2007

Out of action

Been sick with the flu. Still look and feel like shit, but I'd rather be me than Steve McClaren.

I'm still low in energy and creative juices, so rather than sit here and right up 4 or 5 blog entries, I'll just be all lazy about it. I can't get too distracted from my Lemsip (which, apart from the worlds blandest soup is the only thing I'm able to digest at the moment).

Lampard not in side to face Andorra due to injury. Or dropped and injury story there for cover-up purposes. Maybe Frank slipped and broke his wrist on the grassy knoll.

The actual game? Best remembered for the organised anti-McClaren chanting which initially was quite funny until it just hemorrhaged into embarrassment. Talking of embarrassment, the performance itself. 3-0 in the end, but a struggle. Thank God for The Gerrard and his power-runs with additional 'world class' finishing (he's the only person in England capable of doing that™ - Sky Sports). England are generally over-rated by the same people who then slag them off. Press and fans alike. We look ordinary, but why the fuck travel to Barcelona to slag the players off, but then celebrate the goals, but still call for the managers head? Get a fucking grip you tools. We are shit. And as long as the FA are who they are, we will remain that way. More deluded than Spurs fans IMO.

ITV win the rights (along with the Orish channel) to show FA Cup games and England home internationals. I'm not alone in saying that this is tragic tragic news. I mean, fucking 'ell. ITV. Home of the Tactics Truck and 3rd rate commentary which consists of over excited idiots who seem to drown in their own self-awareness and smugness of actually having football to watch. They will be unbearable. Its gonna be 'The Premiership' all over.

Apparently the Beeb have shot themselves in the foot over their attitude towards England and the FA. Regardless, its scandalous to allow ITV. Its like asking gypsies to look after your house while you go on holiday. Four fucking years of David Pleat and 'Evening all'. Grim grim grim.

I'll finish this off with a mention to Tomas Rosicky, partly responsible (along with some team mates) for the £25,000 fine inflicted on the Czech team after spending it with 6 prostitutes. All this after a 2-1 defeat. Finally a gooner with some class.


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