Apr 2, 2007

Uncomfortably comfortable

Rampant yet wasteful Spurs 1 Plucky Reading 0

20 odd chances, countless fluffing about in front of goal, wonderful football, the odd player or two not fully on song, and one dubious penalty and one blatant disallowed goal. Oh and three points.

An entertaining match at the Lane and holy crap we've even gone and got ourselves a clean sheet. Up to the dizzy heights of 6th place, suddenly its game on again. Even 5th spot isn't out of our reach - though expect this up and coming Sunday to end in misery. With Arsenal not too far off either, its gonna be a potentially heart in mouth month as we aim to glue ourselves into a UEFA Cup spot. 7th might even do if Man Utd face Chelsea in the FA Cup. Of course, winning the UEFA Cup will also take us back into it automatically.

What? What? I didn't jinx it did I? Sevilla rested 5 or so first team players the other day so Fredi and co are ready for us. I won't be out there sadly. The one game I wanted and I'll be at home watching it on the TV. In fact, I may not even be home. Working late that evening, will probably miss the first half and then some. Hopefully I can avoid any Spurs Mobile text messages and pubs as I make my way home and Sky + it. The following week, I'm in bloody Boro of all places (God hates me). Which may mean missing the WHL second leg. Razor blades at the ready.

Fixture congestion is on its way, but thankfully our season (unlike some) is still alive and kicking. Not bad to have that for a second year on the trot. That's almost like...winning something for us lot. Consistency. I like it. Feels like the 80's again.

I wont post our remaining fixtures in case the Premier League decide to sue me, but looking at our remaining games in comparison to Bolton, Everton and Blackburn along with Pompey - we have as good a chance as anyone to finish 6th or 5th.

Reminds me of something a gooner said at the start of the season.

"Spurs wont be a problem this season, they wont compete for 4th spot. We'll (Arsenal) be back to normal and light years ahead"

Yes well, if anything, Arsenal have been rather fortunate again. Unspectacular season in the Prem for them. And had one or two teams shown better consistency over the season - like us (bad start, bad Christmas) then 4th spot would have been up for grabs once more. Maybe next season it will be 3rd time lucky. I know something though, the dawn of the new Invincibles has been vastly exaggerated.

So. Roll on the second tier of European competition. For now, you'll have to do.



Zero said...

How have Arsenal been lucky?

Stop being so stupid, we've had injuries to pretty much everyone of our first teamers and will still finish in 4th easily. Maybe even third...

Nice knee-jerking though, I remember you saying some stuff about how we're still "light-years" ahead and being knocked out by us is no disgrace.

Nice to see you changing the script to suit yourself.

Spurs= Brilliant again and we're back to being average after you've had a good month and we've had a very bad month.

Regard, Zero. :)

spooky said...

I'm just pointing out that same thought and believed that Arsenal have would be challenging for the title this season and regardless of injuries they have fallen well short of doing so, which means that once more the chasing pack behind are not too far behind.

One 'off season' - fair enough. But two on the trot? If the same thing happens next year with you guys then wipe those tears so you can see more clearly what's going on around you.

We - Spurs - along with the likes of Bolton etc do not have that thing needed to truly compete with the top 3 or 2. But if one of the top 4 begins to slide, it isn't as difficult as some would suggest to over-take them.

Not, lets say, compared to 3 or 4 years ago.

Zero said...

I didn't expect us to win the title at any point this season.

Extrememly unrealistic to go from 30 points behind the leaders to champions. Football rarely ever works like that.

Yes it's been a disappointing way to finish the season but a mixture of bad luck and injuries have cost us. Wenger needs to re-think a few things but we're still not THAT far off from challenging.

As you say next season is a huge test for the players and we've got to start doing something but it's not all bad at Arsenal right now and to say we've been lucky everyone else is shit makes no sense...

spooky said...

This summers transfer window will make or break one or two clubs.