Dec 8, 2006

'I think I am going to get booed badly'

Ashley Cole comes face to face on Sunday with the fans he deserted for £5,000. Well actually, he probably wont have to face them as such as they will be boxed into the corner behind the goal, where some of them wont even be able to see the pitch from their seats.

On the one afternoon a year where Arsenal fans actually out sing the opposition home support, we are in for a lively afternoon of football and abuse. The gooners who introduced chef hats to football grounds have printed fake money with Ashley's mug on it. Classic stuff, classic. There's a Nick Hornby in everyone of them.

To be fair, like Sol Campbell before him, Ashely Cole should have been up front and honest about it all. And not manufacture some bullshit story about not getting the money he asked for. Campbell, was always going to leave Spurs, but always denied he would. Difference here is that Cole knows and accepts what he's in for. Sol still thinks he didnt do anything wrong. But let's not bring up that olde chestnut again.

Seems the whole dymanic of loyalty is a distorted one. Cole claims its all about not being made to feel wanted. £5K's worth of not feeling wanted. But as players are on a journey of the ego, and you cant blame them for wanting a quick-fix, leaving Arsenal for Chelsea means he is more likely to win honours. Much like Teddy left Spurs (as much as he loved the club) he knew going to Utd would result in silverware to compliment his class. Maybe 40 years ago, Teddy would never have left. In fact, calling it a quick-fix is probably a tad bitter. You can't blame a player for leaving a club and joining one that he considers to be 'bigger' or 'potentially more successful'. But you'd think theres a better way of making the move to avoid looking like a c*nt.

We live in an age of vanity. And the only loyal people are the fans, who at the best of times are fickle and disillusioned. So all cameras on Cole this Sunday. Sure, in the eyes of gooners, he deserves it. And whether he's dressing up as a twat for glossy magazine photo spreads or XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX, Cole is a bit of a twat at the best of times. I might even consider boo'ing him.

I've still stuck £5 on him bagging the first goal.


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