Dec 7, 2006

You happy with your team?

Nine points separate 17th place and 3rd place in the Premiership.

points separate the 2nd place team with the 3rd place team.

Most clubs this season are having away-day blues. Everyones form (except Man Utd's and Chelsea's) is patchy at best.

from glory-glory (regarding my team, Spurs):

Given that we seem to be having a, shall we say, "slightly less than satisfactory" start to our PREMIERSHIP season, here's an interesting thought i've had to perhaps soften the blow...

Last season we had taken 20 points from the teams we've played so far this season. Up to today, it's 22 points (i've tried to pair up the promoted/relegated equivalents). So we're 2pts up on last seasons performances.

However, as pointed out in the same thread the above stats were taken from, we are almost half way through the season already. Everyone seems to be on par with each other, which either means the quality is very good or the quality is a tad average. I'm going with the latter. Question to ask is if anyone can string a decent run together, because at this stage, 3rd and 4th spot is well up for grabs.

The most open Prem season ever? (discounting the top 2 of course).


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