Dec 9, 2006

Another nail in the coffin.....

Once more, it seems we football fans are not allowed the freedom to do what we are best at. And thats take the piss out of opposition players we love to hate. This delightful piece is taken from the Arsenal website:

As you will know, the Club consistently sells out its allocation for away matches and the support from the fans has been tremendous both domestically and across Europe. Your commitment to Arsenal Football Club is very much appreciated by the players and everyone associated with the Club.

Those of you attending the above match on Sunday will know there are a number of actions planned against individuals at Chelsea by a small minority of Arsenal fans. The Club would like all supporters to be aware that anyone found to be bringing in inflatable mobile phones or fake bank notes will be either refused entry or ejected from the ground. Arsenal Football Club would like to stress that it does not tolerate any foul or abusive behaviour and we are working closely with both Chelsea Football Club and the relevant authorities to ensure that Sunday’s match will be played in a safe and positive environment.

We urge all our fans to focus their attention on supporting the team during Sunday’s important match and maintain the impeccable behaviour associated with supporters of Arsenal Football Club.

Your support is invaluable to the team, get behind them on Sunday - your positive support really does make the difference.

You can't drink, smoke, stand or even swear at grounds (the 'no swearing' signs up at some grounds makes me laugh out loud). Seems a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to the football will soon be akin to going to the theatre. But then income from tv rights probably gives the clubs more money than the bods turning up through the turnstiles on any given game. And we all know clubs have 'money' as their number one priority.


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