Dec 10, 2006

How many facts do you know about Theo Walcott?

1) He plays for Arsenal

2) He was in the England World Cup squad, rather controversially, but never made a single minutes worth of appearances

3) He's amazingly fast

4) His girlfriend is blonde and cute, and probably not legal

5) He scored a 'chipped' goal for Southampton that Sky Sports love to showpiece time and time again

6) ..........

And that, is apparently, enough for him to claim the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.



Zero said...

You've used the chip joke before.

New material please.

And he won Spooky!!! Theoooooooo!

(Bitter Lennon didn't win it IMO)

Chaz said...

7) He's better than any Spurs player.

spooky said...

Of course he is. You read that in the News of the World, didnt you?