Dec 12, 2006

Quote of the Day

"They were just seconds away from winning the FA Cup final and Alan Pardew would have been in West Ham's history books forever and a day.

"That is scary, how fine the dividing line is that we all live by. We all hang by a thread, all of us." ~ Glenn Roeder

Its a rollercoaster is football, more so for WHU fans than anyone else. And maybe the 'ammers in the past were always happy to yo-yo between divisions or simply be a team that plays entertaining footie but only ever manage mid-table before relegation. But the current board may be looking to buck the trend.

If there was no takeover, I doubt Pardew would have been shown the door. Seems more obvious that the new owner wants to make an impact and a dramatic one at best. Curbs will do a wonderful job there. Then again, we said the same thing about Pardew. And if you look at his achievements at Upton Park, compared to some, he hardly disgraced himself. Which makes this game impossible to predict, and leaving the managers all hanging by a thread.


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Forza Huddlestone (GG) said...

Bit of a perfect storm did in Pardew -- the Icelandic takeover, the Argies and the inflated expectations of the supporters.