Nov 19, 2006

Self Abuse

There is no hiding the fact that we are a fickle bunch. We hate certain opposition players, yet when they sign for us, we end up adoring them. We boo the likes of Wayne Rooney, but when he wears the England shirt, we sing his name. But should we boo our own players or team? And if so, who has the right to boo and when? Last season, Lee Young-Pyo allowed his fellow country man Ji-Sung Park to steal the ball away from him (he practically gift-wrapped it) leading to a Utd goal.

A small minority decided to boo him when he next touched the ball. This resulted in Davids giving the evil eye to the section of the crowd the boo'ing come from which lead to several hundred if not a thousand Spurs fans hurl abuse at the 'minority' and then applaud Pyo every time he touched the ball, standing up to show appreciation and support. So, don't boo your own if they fuck up in that manner, its a mistake and we are all human (even if some of us as are paid to control, trap and pass a ball for anything up to and beyond £20,000+ per week).

If your team is playing without pride and passion, then sure, boo them. You can't exactly send them a letter each to suggest they try harder. But I can't quite make out Arsenal fans boo'ing a team that could have and should have and probably will do (at some point soon) win 6-0/7-0 in the Champs League. The team from Moscow got lucky.

But no, say the Arsenal fans who spent their dosh expecting to see a goal-fest. Plenty of va-va-voom. But no football pie on show. Maybe they were boo'ing the the cost of a half-time drink and hotdog and not the players out on the pitch. Touchy business is this wonderful game of ours.


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