Nov 19, 2006

Didn't anyone read the script?

This is something I wrote up a while back as a test article for the wordpress blog:

Alan Pardew (you know the fella, the smug manager of WHU) apparently wants to "protect the integrity" of the club amid all the rather colourful takeover rumours. Protect the intergrity of the club? I'm guessing he is refering to the Hammers tradition of selling their best players to the bigger teams and yo-yo'ing between the Prem and the Championship.

You have to be a tad on the stupid side not to work things out for yourself with regards to the two Argies 'signing' and the MSI connection with the takeover.

Sure, the Chicken Run can be and have the right to be in gloating mode over the arrival of Tevez and Mascherano. Who wouldnt be happy with that? But surely deep down, there is a hint of concern over the finer details of the transfer.

If the two players are simply a 'sweetner' to help the smooth transition of the sell of WHU (and to then be sold on next season with MSI getting all the dosh) then the cockney club is being used and abused like a porn starlets debut in a blow-job gagging movie.

Two Argie world-class superstar franchise players aside, surely all this will end in tears, and a rather sorry taste in the mouths of all West Ham fans. Maybe some jellied eel will help rid them of that taste. In the mean time, if they get one over their London rivals, it will all be worth it.

Can I be smug about this now? Sure, The 'ammers have bounced back with 2 wins (and two defeats to balance things out again), but its not exactly been Villa & Ardiles has it? Having said that, when Spurs bought the original Argie double-act to England, they got trounced 7-0 at Anfield.

Maybe patience is the key here. Then again, when has anyone in football ever been patient?


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