Nov 19, 2006

Put your hands together for Jose

a guest blog by JONP

Jose Mourinho is fast running out of admirers outside Stamford Bridge - but somehow you couldn’t help but be delighted for him in Barcelona. He arrived two and a bit years ago, proclaiming himself as "The Special One" and that cockiness - despite being very un-British - endeared him to many. Of course, he was already popular with the vast ABU (Anyone but United) brigade after his running up and down the touchline when his Porto side dumped United out of the Champions League on the way to their 2004 triumph, and at first everything was rosy, his arrogance almost a breath of fresh air in the Premiership.

But, over time, much of that admiration has completely subsided. Nothing seems to satisfy him anymore and, do you know what, the strain is starting to show. Just the other day Sky Sports News showed footage of Mourinho in one of his early preaching’s - sorry, press conferences - and he looked positively fresh-faced compared to now. Still, I guess it’s hard work trying to make the rest of the continent believe there is a conspiracy theory against you.



Sportingo said...


You all have a very interesting and entertaining site on your hands. Would you mind telling me how you work? Can anyone contribute?

All the best,

spooky said...


Yep. Anyone can contribute (if it gets through quality control).

Submit an article either by signing up to the forum and sending 'Spooky' a PM or email a blog entry to:


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