Nov 19, 2006

A wife's guide to living with football

a guest blog by LISA

Well where to start? There isn't really a beginning so I can't start there. Football has been trying to overtake my life for 20 years but I think I finally have it under some sort of control and this is a little story for any female football haters of how to attempt to balance the scales of living with 3 men and having to tolerate football.

It all started when I went out one Wednesday evening and fell over a man in the pub, we ended up talking and 20 years later are still together. In retrospect I should have run for the hills on the second date when I had to listen the offside rule explained to me in great detail with the use of a glass of vodka an ash tray and 20 silk cut.

However my groin was in charge of my head and I stayed,plus he was buying the vodka, but I digress. Before I go into my explanation of how to survive football I would like to point out a few things. When I was 7 months pregnant he took me to watch Man Utd play Spurs in the away end in the days when you could stand up, drink beer and piss on the floor whilst watching the game.


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