Nov 25, 2006

Red Devils laugh off the Blues

Sunday. Manchester United v Chelsea. Psychologically, the result of this game may go a long way in suggesting to the rest of us where the title will be sitting come the end of the season. And the mind-games have already began.

Peter Keyon has suggested that Chelsea are on track to overtake Manchester United as the biggest club in the world. Apparently the Blues are 'more dynamic, more relevant' than United.

Comments made pre-game are always a good laugh on account of them usually being part of the kidology of the game. And Kenyon (probably forgetting Barcelona's 'size and stature' on purpose) has got to re-think his strategy. Rather than tickle Utd, he has to kick 'em in the bollocks. Something he is pretty much incapable of doing.

Which is why the Red Devils have laughed off his comment.

Chelsea are nowhere near being as big as Arsenal or Liverpool, let along United. And thats just in England. Kenyon, along with that well dressed Portuguese bloke should probably stop believing their own generated hype and concentrate on team tactics and selection.

You'd think that any team that bought Ballack and Shev in the summer would actually improve rather than look far more unbalanced and at times beatable.

If your pockets are already bulging with candy, there's no point in going back to the sweet shop.

Chelsea have around 8 years more of work to become bigger than anyone around them in England. They may just get there, but if Utd turn the screws and win the title this season, the whole complexion of the Premiership along with Chelsea's 'stature' will change. And in football, nothing stays the same for too long.


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