Nov 25, 2006

'I con refs'

Well thank you for clearing that up for us Mr Diouf, because hand on heart, had you not told us I would never have guessed. Apparently, the Senegal Pele admits to being 'very clever' when he dives in the pen area or collapses elsewhere on the pitch without actually being touched by the opposition player.


Yes. Great defense there. It's okay to cheat, because others do so to.

"Sometimes I need to dive to have a penalty. It's just football. The best footballer is very clever"

The Diouf claims that the 'diving' is a consequence of moving his leg out of the way of the incoming tackle in order to avoid a broken leg. Maybe all that 'twisting around in agony' on the floor is just creative license where he shows us what might have been had the connecting foot connected.

Diouf has also complained he doesn't get enough penalties and that he has a bad rep, hence the booing and hence the lack of decisions from refs.

Expect to see more theatrics from Diouf and even less decisions go his way now. More players and managers should be honest and upfront.

COMING UP NEXT: Wenger admits 'I actually have super-vision and never miss a thing'


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