Apr 15, 2007

Wigan Away

Falling in short in Europe means we have to aim as high as possible in the Prem, to make sure we are back in the UEFA Cup next season. Arsenal (gulp) next Saturday. But I'll come to that later in the week. Today, Wigan. Which is a game I'm likely to miss due to girlfriend commitments (BBQ in deepest Essex). I'll have to 'watch' my Spurs Mobile text messages. Having said that, the host of the BBQ has a massive 50 inch tv, HD Sky and Sky Sports. He's a West Ham fan, so he might put the footie on just so he can laugh at me if we lose. Though I'll be sure to point out their league position countless times (but only after I've eaten).

So, Wigan. Must win. Simple as that. Need it to keep in touch with Pompey, Reading and Everton. Even Bolton. And, in the cruelest of fates, we need Chelsea to do over Rovers today to make 7th spot UEFA Cup qualification.

I'll leave it at that for now. If you have a moment, read this woefully idiotic 'article':


I will get a response together in the next couple of days. I hate Spurs fans.


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