Apr 20, 2007

Getting it right

Its been a tough week or so. That's personally, hence lack of blog entries. Was aiming to comment on several TopSpurs articles, but found myself lacking any kind of time. Made worse is the fact that my crock of shit pc is about die on me. Also, the weather means more time spent in beer gardens taking snapshots of thighs and upskirts. So, what's been happening in the world of Spurs?

Wigan away. 3-3. I was at a B-B-Q at the time, reaching into my pocket every so often to pull out (ooh matron) my mobile, laughing at the text goal alerts. Heskey FFS. This game more or less displays our lack of depth when we lost the odd defender. Need to sort this out in a big way come the summer. This summer, we may have smacked in the goals at one end, but we continue to leak them the other way. Partly due to gravity-defying Robinson who somehow manages to remove his feet from the ground below. To no avail of course. Just how many more times will he get beat from distance? Very poor season from Robbo. Needs some comp. Needs a prolonged 'rest' on the bench. Doubt Jol will drop him though.

With Chelsea and Utd getting into the Cup Final, it means 7th is enough for the UEFA Cup - and 8th (if we finish there) will take us into the Inter-Toto. Please. Stop laughing now. But Europe is Europe, and with Berbatov's 'war cry' - its a subtle hint that every season has to produce progression and anything below the standard of the previous isn't good enough. Simply put, if we fail next season - the likes of Berbs and Lennon will move on. Fact of life these days. Take Carrick as the ultimate example, using us a stepping-stone to get a move to Utd. And you can't really blame him. A footballers life is a short one, and in this modern age if you are not one of the current big 4 then you are unlikely to pick up silverware. It's that harsh.

I probably will return to the TopSpurs articles, as they serve well as examples of the other type of Spurs fans (the one's that are nothing like me). So, I wont linger too much on a season review just yet.

Tomorrow, its the North London Derby. Robbie Keane is injured. Which means Defoe upfront with Berbs. If there was a moment in time that the lickle man had a chance to prove himself, this is it. I think we wont be seeing him in a Lilywhite shirt next season. And tbh, he needs to move on to re-ignite his career. Not that Spurs have stopped him progressing, but more the case that Defoe can't really progress that much due to lack of a footballing brain. Maybe someone else, manager and club, can get something extra out of him. Our defence is still not a full strength, so if we do our Keystone cops routine and Arsenal don't (in front of goal) then it's not going to be an enjoyable afternoon.

On the other hand, we have to win. Its been too long, and with this game having less pressure than previous encounters with the scum this season, we might actually avoid choking. I've said this about 50 times this season.....Spurs (the players) owe us (the fans) something to sing about. I've enjoyed this year and apart from the 2-1 v Chelsea game, I personally need something more to gloat about. Arsenal are always going to be a bunch of c*nts to play against. And even without Henry, they can produce the goods. Yes, they are not that good on recent form and are in no way formidable. However, they have the ability to ooze confidence and arrogance - which we lack.

So, once more - I ask.....'Lets be 'aving you'. 12:45 kick-off, which means most of the drinking will be done after the game. Let's hope its naked dancing on the bar rather than drowning my sorrows under it.



HighburyLoon said...

Tottenham have had several chances in recent years to do us over. You just never take those chances. Almost like you believe deep down that we will score. I'm talking about WHL here rather than when we play you at home.

Personally think it will be a draw, but if I had to put money on anyone, I'd put it on us to beat you.

Zero said...

I agree with the mystery gooner.

And no credit for the "Next year" picture. :(