Apr 9, 2007

Looking back....

Time to digest all the reports (from fans and media) surrounding the riot police and the general battering our fans got in Sevilla. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing, and having seen some high res footage of the incidents, seems that it was pretty conclusive that the geared up Old Bill got a little too 'say hello to my little friend'. One eye witness account from the day suggests that there was allegedly a steady build up of fan trouble, with Spurs inciting outside the ground. I've not heard anyone else report this, especially the press, so placing that aside (and the fact that every club in Europe probably has an element of idiotic supporters who get a little bit Football Factory on 5 pints) all we have is what happened in the ground.

I was speaking to a friend, who's mate (ironically a Spurs fan) is old bill. When Spurs played Arsenal recently (at the Lane) there was trouble kicking off at Liverpool St station and he was dispatched with Riot Police to 'go sort it out'. This involved, nothing more than hitting anything that moved and looked like a Spurs or Arsenal fan. No arrests. Just some ye olde baton lashings.

"They love it. They even keep score on how many people they hit and compare later on"

Sounds like nothing more than hooligans with a license. Nothing new though, is it? Anyone who's been around longer than 5 minutes could tell you a story or two. They're in riot gear, so why let it go to waste.

Whatever it was that inspired the Sevilla police inside the ground to hit a man out of a wheelchair is probably the same insignificant thing that inspires a football thug to rip out a chair and throw it. That same thing isn't relevant. What is relevant is that the outcome is exactly the same.

Shame (as already stated) that I'm talking about this rather than the disgusting behaviour on the pitch from the ref. I won't slate Sevilla's players for their time wasting/play acting cause we see it all the time. Just as much in this country as La Liga.

Off-field footage of Sevilla v Spurs: http://www.inkiboo.com/seville/


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