Apr 11, 2007

COYS........let's be 'aving you

I'll be spending the day in Middlesbrough, but should be back in London by 7pm, so shouldn't have a problem getting to the game on time. I will go postal if I'm delayed (so keep an eye on the news for any passenger incidents on the Great Northern Railway).

With UEFA critical of the police in the Rome and Sevilla games its good to see a fair reaction to the troubles from the top dogs. Hopefully our 'boys' off the pitch will behave themselves tomorrow night, and our boys on the pitch dismantle the Spanish team in the same way Utd put Rome to the sword. Talk about decimation. Had me applauding the Mancs. And behold we witnessed........why Carrick opted to commit himself to the them rather than us.

Spurs are capable of that speed and tempo, but what we've lacked in far too many occasions this season is the killer-touch/ruthlessness that the likes of Utd seem to possess nonchalantly. We've already had 2 or 3 big 'turn up and prove it' games this season. All ending in defeat.

Time to stand up? Oh hell yes. As confident as I was last week, it worries me a little that one goal...from them...could kill us off. 4-0, is that too much to ask for? I'll be comfortable at 4-0, so that's what the footballing Gods will hear me request in my prayer tonight.

King is back and in the squad. Apparently, has been fit for a week or two but has been kept under wraps. Much needed, but is this too big an ask for him for his return game?

Stalteri - Injured (knee)
Lee - Injured - out for 3 months
Chimbonda - Apparently 'struggling', but will play (on the right)
Tanio - Probable emergency left-back

So King/Dawson at the back (Rocha cup-tied)

It's simple really. Spurs have to believe. That's it. Oh, and actually make possession count. This football lark, it's plain simply innit?

I do understand that Sevilla might actually turn up and play us off the park, and we might - at no point - be in the game. If that happens, then no one can be blamed and as disappointing as it might be - its a fact that if a superior team turns up and beats you, there's no hindsight analysis that can change the final score.

If we turn up, and play them off the park but lose because we don't bury chances or Robbo bites into a pie before attempting to save a 40 yard shot, resulting in him picking up the ball from the corner of the net (where other pies are residing) - then its that ye olde Spurs tradition of 'nearly/almost/not quite good enough' that you will be hearing beneath our tear-strained faces.

But I'm no Grim Reaper. It's been another splendid season, and I firmly believe that Man/Chel/Liver/Arse are the only clubs in better condition than us. So, it's not that grim is it? We all know how much of a bitch it is nowadays to compete - to genuinely compete - with the top dogs.

Spurs are looking a-ok IMO. Just one or two upgrades for the summer. In the mean time, we have to make do with what we've got. So, here's to:

Lennon re-discovering his form in devastating style
Berbatov, scoring and providing
Keane at his energetic best
King.....at his most commanding and calming

Oh, and WHL.....let's make a little noise tomorrow night, yeah?


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