Apr 24, 2007

Half-time at White Hart Lane

Credit to a member of the COYS forum (I'll add his name once I have it). Good work fella.

Arsenal dressing room:

Wenger - "Right listen closely this is what we will do. Tottenham will try and defend their lead and hang on for one nil, [suppressing a laugh] they try this every year. Their CBs will camp out on the edge of their penalty area, they already started this behaviour as soon as they scored. We now have 3 in central midfield versus their two so Diaby and Gilberto, push on and occupy Jenas and Zokora. That combined with their defence dropping too deep will allow Fabregas the freedom of the pitch and allow him to run the midfield. Eboue and Clichy, you two can push on and occupy their wide midfielders, Fabregas will always find you when he has time on the ball. Lennon is no threat on the left and has been told not to leave Rocha unprotected anyway. Tainio will leave his position on the right to try and help out in the centre once they realise they are overrun. Our CBs can push right up as neither Berbatov or Keane are quicker than Toure. And remember, you are all fitter than them and they will tire."

Arsenal Players - "Yes boss."

Tottenham dressing room:

Jeans - "Cracking goal Robbie."
Keane - "Thanks mate."
Lennon - "Who's up for clubbing tonight?."
Jenas - "I'm in."
Jol - "Hey, settle down lads. Listen to me. We can win this 1-0."
Berbatov - "But we never keep a clean sheet, surely we must look for the second goal?"
Jol - "Don't worry, I know what I am doing. We can still score a second from a set piece."
Berbatov - "But we never score goals from set pieces and we already got lucky from one once today. We don't even practise them."
Jol - "Don't worry Berbatov, I know what I am doing. Now, Lennon, you're having a great game. Eboue hasn't had a run at Rocha once yet. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing out there on the left."
Berbatov - "But he hasn't done anything? Not one dribble, not one shot, not one cross. He should play on the right."
Jol - "Don't worry Berbatov, I know what I am doing. Now, Jenas and Zokora, great game, you dominated the midfield first half."
Zokora - "But they brought Fabregas on, they have an extra man, we need help."
Jol - "Don't worry, Tainio will come inside and help out, and Robbie will try and stop the ball getting to Fabregas."
Berbatov - "That plan didn't work in the two cup games against them did it?"
Jol - "Don't worry, I know what I am doing. Anything to add Chris?"
Hughton - "Yeah, I've drawn a really nice picture of you boss."
Jol - "That is great work little man".

from COYS


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