Feb 5, 2007

Textbook Glory Glory

I know one forum on the Internet shouldn't be taken as the one and only viewpoint of the majority, but it staggers belief having to read through threads and include such opinions as 'Lets not sack Jol now because its the middle of the season, lets wait to get rid of him in the summer if he doesn't get us into Europe'.

Like I said....staggers belief. Its quite embarrassing tbh. Think about it logically. Were Spurs in Europe prior to Jol? Nope. Who got us into Europe? Jol. Seems that one or two 'fans' are struggling to understand the concept of digging our way out of a decade of mediocrity. I don't want to go on about this because I've already made it clear several times in these blogs and also in the Rumourwhore.com forum......but the knee-jerking is almost bone shattering at the moment.

Most forums, have the extremes of footballing opinions. You have the people who are loyal to the end and see no wrong doing in the person they back, and then you have the ones who think the best way to solve the problem is to throw anger and frustration at it.

Again, its a minority that react is such a petulant way. On of the threads on Glory Glory asks, 'Do you want Jol sacked?'. Thus far over 100 said no, and 17 have answered with a yes. So if you take those figures and hypothesize that 20 out of every 100 Spurs fans want Jol out, that's still worrying. But not unexpected.

I'm gonna quote a West Ham fan:

I'm not being funny but this is Spurs fans all over. It is their mentality. Always has been. To overrate, over-expect and then be quick to point the finger and make excuses. Nothing new. Why the surprise?

If Martin Jol is sacked, its exactly what we deserve. The sooner we embrace the truth that in this day and age there are 4 massive clubs who are head and shoulders above the rest (Chelsea, Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal) to compete with and we still cant beat Reading or Fulham away, the sooner we need to let go of believing everything will turn to Lilywhite over night.

Let him get on with his job. Support him. Support the club. Bitch and rant if you want, but just remember.......everytime we get a new manager (most of the time) we believe its the right person. When Jol took over....thats exactly what everyone thought. How about this time, we just wait to see how it pans out.

Its still early days.


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