Dec 6, 2006

'We're too good to go down'

So says Eggert Magnusson.

The 'ammers have slotted themselves into the 3rd from bottom position. On paper, they are not as good as the team of 2003. Who, by the by, were also too good to go down. I suppose, you could argue that WHU do have quality and once the excellent Ashton returns they might begin to get results that match their performances. There's something missing from their play at the moment (take the defeat at Everton where they were the far better team). Tonight against Wigan was another night of frustration. And with Bolton and Manchester United up next, its looking like a gloomy Christmas for the boys in claret and blue.

Anyways, this is silly talk. The season's only 16 games old. Plenty of time for recovery. All they need to do is aim for 40 points or so and they should be safe as houses.


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