Dec 7, 2006

Quisessential Football Story of the Week

Now don't get me wrong.....boys will be boys. But I have never seen the point of pulling out my playmaker and sharing a busty blonde with my mates while others look on and film it.

Maybe its because I'm shy. Or maybe I suspect that if its on film, it will end up being watched by people who I'd rather didn't see my thrusting movements and hairy arse. For example, the Interweb community. Or my girlfriend. Or maybe its the fear that at some point in the evenings proceedings the worst thing that could happen when in a room full of naked men...happens. No, I'm not referring to mistakenly sitting on a mobile phone. I'm talking about someone taking aim and missing the intended target. Much like Sunderlands forward line-up when playing in the Prem. But even more messy.

Whats quite non-eventful about the 'Sunderland Players in Orgy Shocker' headline, is that the three 'stars' mentioned are either leaving the club or already elsewhere. I'm more interested in why they apparently do this each week. Call me old fashioned, but sex with one woman in a bed is a little more appealing than having your mates watch and listening to 'Match of the Day' style commentary as you get your end away. I'm a traditionalist and proud. That and the fact I dont earn £40,000 per week.


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