Nov 22, 2006

They call her Lilywhite

Lilywhite is a wannabe society girl. She hangs around in Mayfair wine bars bragging to people about what she’s achieved in the past, telling them what a glorious babe she is.

She’s got a bit of money too. But then that’s what you get for being clever with your savings. But now and again, she does have a tendency to splash out on items that are worth far less than what her credit card is charged with. She’s a little bit impulsive in that way, making mistakes with presents for herself that she cant return when she realises she doesn’t need them or they are next to useless.

She’s good looking and has some style and class. But not half as classy and stylish as she was in her earlier heydays. And rather than spending the majority of her time in those fancy Mayfair wine bars, she seems to be more at home in a Wetherspoons pub.

She does have a habit of dumping her boyfriends (but only because they are pretty crap in bed). She does long for a loving and successful relationship but sadly they almost never end in pro-longed happiness. What she is promised, never seems to come true.

Every two to three years she thinks she becomes pregnant with hope (the name she always gives to her unborn child). But it’s never the case as she has a habit of mis-reading the results on her pregnancy test. That and the fact that she has uncanny luck picking blokes who don’t have a high enough sperm count to give her what she wants.

At the moment, she’s in another relationship, which apart from one or two blips, still seems to be going strong and going in the right direction. She still likes to go shopping, and is a bit upset that she didn’t buy anything for her left-sided shelf in the bedroom although the right side has a wonderful portrait worth millions, that she managed to bag for far less. Proving she can get it right sometimes.

She's very happy with her current boyfriend, especially when she compares him to her previous non-events. There seems to be genuine affection and loyalty and although she doesn't want to jinx it, she believes she might just have found Mr Right.

Although recently, they have both been a little cautious and less dependable on one and other, the true test of any relationship is how a couple does in the rough patches. They both seem to struggle a bit on nights out. She still blames the incident with the food poisoning they got in a less than desirable restaurant in the East End. They would both much rather spend time at home.

And as for actually getting pregnant, she can honestly say that her current bloke might be able to give her what she's always wanted and where so many have failed before. All she has to do is get him to stop pulling out and coming over her tits.



Anonymous said...

What a slag.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but WHAT a slag!!!

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