Nov 22, 2006

Eggert to the Rescue

Finally, the West Ham takeover saga has come to an end. Eggert Magnusson is the new owner (formally, a Spurs fan apparently) so, onwards and upwards for the 'ammers. Already, the tabloid rags are whoring rumours about a £10M bid for SWP and a potential move from Upton Park to the new Olympic stadium. Also, its been suggested that the two Argies could be sold on in January, which again brings up the question of the sell-on fee and how much West Ham are likely to make as in all likelyhood, most of the money will be pocketed by MSI (the owners of the players rights).

Eastenders will be tucking into their jellied eels this morning all happy that the next episode should prove just as entertaining as the last. Because if there is one thing about being a Hammer - its like being on a demented rollercoaster, and never quite knowing what the next turning will be.....up or down?


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