Apr 29, 2007

Its all gone Donkey Kong!

Football, turns you inside out more than anything on this planet (excluding women). Just ask any Chelsea fan.

First I had the usual pre-game tension...except bigger than usual...chain-smoking, hitting the vodka...hard.

Everton score...nice...can't really believe my prediction of an Everton win is actually going to happen...calm down, long way to go.

Bolton score...hmm, never mind, long way to go, we've been here before...

We score - Elation. C'mon now.

We score again - FKN AVE IT...We can do this...c'mon now Everton, hang on

Half-time : Level on points, we're going to win the League

5 mins later, fk me, Everton are 2-0 up...it's coming home alright.

5 mins later, fk you Davies, fk you Essien...nah, not a prob, we've still got plenty of time to nick our recent trademark late winner

7 minutes later, bolloxs, United are coming back...

7 minutes later, you fkn idiot Neville...realisation is starting to dawn...

10 mins from the end and United take the lead...fk, fk, fk...we don't look like we're going to break Bolton down here...

Final whistle at the Bridge = Abject. Destroyed. TV off, Internet off. Vodka hammered.


A Great Day


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