Mar 19, 2007

Hold that Chas and Dave re-issue for another year

Oh no 1 fucking 'ell 2

They came. They bored. They conquered. Our (two match) unbeaten run against Chelsea is over. What's the equivalent of parking a bus in front of the goal when you do it all over the pitch? Spurs were stifled from start to finish, and yes, credit to Jose for out smarting us. But would, lets say, Arsene Wenger or Fergie have his team play like that - when you have players of that quality? I haven't seen Spurs subdued like that for a long time. Again, yeah, its not about appeasing me. Jose and Chelsea - all they care about is winning, but fucking 'ell, it's not exactly entertaining. Suddenly, the first game at Stamford Bridge is hurting. In fact, it hurts more than tonights result.

Yes, they scored two wonder goals. And all I have is applause for the strikes. Undeniable finishes. But all the dying like swans and time wasting, grates me. Now, I've just got back, and any fan of any team is going to be bitter about losing at home and yes, Spurs didn't make use of the ball when they had it. Thought the final decision-making pass was way way off tonight. Which just makes it all that more frustrating. Chelsea were far from brilliant. We were far from our best. Oh fuck it, I can't really argue this point. We all know how Chelsea play. This evening, their forward play was quite poor, yet two moments is all it took, whereas we couldn't really find one moment in the 95 minutes or so. Even the fan who run onto the pitch couldn't land a punch. I mean, fucking 'ell, theres so much of Frank, how the hell can you miss?

They did a number on us. Our key players were hardly in it and Chelsea cleverly reserved their energy while we run around chasing the game. Yes, its not attractive to watch, but then neither was our sloppy play.

Sometimes it's about the result and not the way you play or the type of performance or swagger or style. That's the difference between us and Chelsea. And the difference between the top 4 and the rest. It's not a insurmountable gulf. So it's time we stopped choking when we can begin to make up the ground.


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