Feb 11, 2007

Thread of the Day

I think today is a perfect example of the bias shown towards the top 4 - not only by the referee, but the Sky commentary team also.

It was a foul on Heskey but Andy Gray wouldn't say it. Yet if it was the other way round you can bet anything he'd be calling it! But most importantly - the referee bottled the decision - as they so often do against the top 4.

I'm really starting to hate football. There's just no consistency with decisions when you're playing the top teams. At the end of the day, it's just not fair.

Oh, and Henry's a cunt - I've always said it. He's an arrogant twat that can't take losing with any dignity. His dive was disgraceful.


Thierry Henry - classless twat

Looks like I missed all the action. Arsenal leaving it late again...with some (lack of) style it would seem.


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