Feb 25, 2007

this is the actual Bolton preview

Difficult and frustrating that we are 11 points behind Bolton going into this game. I think its safe to say that top 6, or even 7th is going to be a challenge too far. Says a lot about the lack of any decent form this season but hopefully we can just win as many of our remaining games as possible and just pray we somehow manage to climb a few more places.

I'm looking forward to today. Hate Bolton. Who doesn't? The players owe us a decent full on action-packed one-way traffic performance. I don't expect it to be anywhere near a walk over, but it would be nice to smack 'em about a bit today.

Berbs is on fire at the moment, so more metaphorical moneyshots from the Bulgarian playboy please. Defoe will probably start ahead of Keane. No Mido today. Jenas should be back and hopefully Lennon get's to see as much as the ball as possible.

Hopefully, a good afternoon for us yids. Anything to get my mind off the Scum v Scum game. Which I wont be Sky+'ing. Now off to the pub for a pint of bitter.


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