Feb 19, 2007

take it to the bridge

FFS. Chelsea away. That's just wonderful. I predict a war. It's gonna take some performance to leave Stamford Bridge with a place in the semi-final. And having seen Seville dismantle Athletico Madrid on Sunday, the UEFA Cup is probably even more difficult to win. Looks like we might max out for the season.

With 12 Prem games left, we'll have to turn all of them into mini-cup finals and hope to some how finish top 6. Never a dull moment. I hope the Fulham game is our turning point. I don't want to be appearing all negative on this, but bloody 'ell......Chelsea away. We haven't won away at a 'big 4' club since we won at Anfield back in 1995. Makes us uber-underdogs. Might be worth a couple of quid down the bookies, for a larf like.



Dean D said...

Should be a stormer. I can see Spurs nicking a draw out of this.

Zero said...

I can't.

3-0 Chelsea.